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For a short summary the coloring is fantastic, the anatomy is really off. The top of the face is well draw, however the lips don't line up. The tails aren't centered to come from her butt. Her legs make no sense in placement and her pose is pretty odd. The colors work well together and the fabric is well drawn. The highlights on her hands should be pink not blue due to the lighting from the hearts.

But this honestly is a great start to some fanatic art you will be able to do one day. Keep up the good work, and continue improving.
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Thank you for the great critique :)!
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FoxVanityHobbyist General Artist
Your welcome.
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I am a big fan of Overweight-Cat and any criticism should be taken as wanting to see more awesome work from this artist.
1) smooth out the curves and details like the oversized, bumpy palm.
2) The large heart doesn't look too good. lThe tassel contrast and detail is a little basic/cartoony.
3) I personally dislike the eye and nose. facial frame is fine, hair is fine, jawline is fine, mouth is fine. Eyes ought to be sharp and seductive. The current look with the eyelid shape and pupil location makes it look a bit droopy and plain. Nose is slightly too visible on the nostril area, making me think "porcine", which is not good for a sexy char.
4) If the right thigh is over there, where is her left? It's not clear.
5)The right hand is much smaller than the left, but the tails do not reflect the depth. This causes perspective and proportion to be off.
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a very great critique , well done and thank you so much :)!
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I will say, you art was just stunning, I really do!!! You art was full with life and energy, music and joy to see. I can not understand that I do or writing, art or music.But you are not just a simple human, but a life and energy on it. A will that any day, you will be even better than yesterday. I can't, nor won't say "be better than me", because you are just as amazing then ever. Now, no not take it as "One of the kind", but are you a real deal to understand anything you know.
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Thank you so much for the critique :) ! :hug:
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annaemeraldStudent Digital Artist
may I use it on my handmade item?
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bAkiKAHobbyist Digital Artist
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wow nice art , so kawai ahri <3
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AzurewhitewindStudent General Artist
This is amazing. x)
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You portrayed me perfectly !
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im love ahri <3
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Such an epic piece here. (I've never played LoL but I probably will at some point.)
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Holmes1995Student Interface Designer
so pretty~  by photoshop?
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G-catHobbyist Writer
I love ahri ^^
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KittenPsychoHobbyist Artist
Well done :3
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sshuoo Digital Artist
Cool ShyHappy 
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:bulletblue: Beautiful Ahri artwork, well done!
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PulemyotHobbyist Traditional Artist
Mero Mero Mellow~
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SiLahiProfessional Photographer
I like seeing Ahri fan art; mostly because it's not about seeing the character anymore, but rather because Ahri herself has become the ideal beautiful woman among artists and fans of league of legends. You get to see what the artist sees as ideal and the individual taste behind the art.
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Alexgv-artStudent Digital Artist
awesome job :)
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