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Guides & Submission Rules!

Welcome to the group!

Here you can find most of the art about Overwatch.
The group is sorted in folders about each character:
folders where you can find art, fanfictions,
cosplay, helpful references and mature content.

Overwatch Stamp - Dark by Fruitily
db1 by RBSRdesigns

How does it work?

From 24/04/16
Join the group, submit your art to the respective folder and wait for an admin to approve it

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Please submit your art to the correct folder
you'll get a message if you did it wrong

What can I submit?

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Any Media (traditional, digital, 3d, etc.)
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Cosplays and its W.I.P, References and tutorials
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Fanfictions (all mature will go into the XXX folder)
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Wallpapers & Game screenshots
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Crafts & Accessories

What can't I submit?

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Non-related Overwatch content.
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Explicit mature content deviations
(if it's covered by dA's filter ok, if not please don't).
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Anything against dA's rules of behaviour and copyright.
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario SFM or other engine-made won't be accepted
You'll be linked to our affiliated group Overwatch-SFM for your next SFM submissions.

The reason for this is that they are filling up the folders really quickly and once the game's out I get the feeling that it's gonna be hard to keep up the pace. All of the SFM submitted before the April 2nd will remain here, don't worry :)

db1 by RBSRdesigns



Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Our Affiliations Arrow right by Drawn-Mario
db1 by RBSRdesigns

"No dying on my watch."

We all wanted some more Talon, right? Well...our prayers have been kinda listened to: Baptiste is an ex-Talon member and the freshly announced new Support hero! He's more combat-oriented, but his abilities look fun enough to make him stand out in the (maybe a bit overcrowded...?) Support role.

Baptiste wields an assortment of experimental devices and weaponry to keep allies alive and eliminate threats under fierce conditions. A battle-hardened combat medic, he is just as capable of saving lives as he is taking out the enemy.

I really love his voice and the fact that the Haitian culture is represented. What do you guys think?

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Hi everyone, I'm thinking about create a RP group of original characters based on OW, in DA and Discord.
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If youre interested and you want more info, send me a note or send me a message in the discord group, here is the link:

Thanks for reading (uwu')
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