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List of all playable female Overwatch characters

Hello there! Welcome to Fan-Club of ladies from Overwatch
There is a list of all female characters

"One shot, one kill."

Real Name: Amelie Lacroix Age: 33
Occupation: Assassin
Base of Operations: Flag of France by EmilyStor3Annecy, France
Affiliation: Talon

“Cheers, love! The cavalry’s here! ”

Real Name: Lena Oxton Age: 26
Occupation: Adventurer
Base of Operations: Flag of United Kingdom by EmilyStor3London, England
Affiliation: Overwatch (Formerly)

"The true enemy of humanity is disorder."

Real Name: Satya Vaswani Age: 28
Occupation: Architect
Base of Operations: Flag of India by EmilyStor3Utopaea, India
Affiliation: Vishkar Corporation

"Heroes never die."

Real Name: Angela Ziegler Age: 34
Occupation: Field Medic, First Responder
Base of Operations: Flag of Switzerland by EmilyStor3Zurich, Switzerland
Affiliation: Overwatch (Formerly)

"Together we are strong."

Real Name: Aleksandra Zaryanova Age: 28
Occupation: Soldier
Base of Operations: Flag of Russia by EmilyStor3Krasnoyarsk Front, Russia
Affiliation: Russian Defense Force

"I will protect the innocent"

Real Name: Fareeha Amari Age: 32
Occupation: Security Chief
Base of Operations: Flag of Egypt by EmilyStor3Giza, Egypt
Affiliation: Helix Security International

"Never stop fighting for what you believe in"

Real Name: Ana Amari Age: 60
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Base of Operations: Flag of Egypt by EmilyStor3Cairo, Egypt
Affiliation: Overwatch (formerly)

"Our world is worth fighting for."

Real Name: Mei-Ling Zhou Age: 31
Occupation: Climatologist, Adventurer
Base of Operations: Flag of China by EmilyStor3Xi'an, China (Formerly)
Affiliation: Overwatch (Formerly)

"I play to win."

Real Name: Hana Song Age: 19
Occupation: Pro Gamer (formerly), Mech Pilot
Base of Operations: Flag of South Korea by EmilyStor3Busan, South Korea
Affiliation: Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army

"Everything can be hacked... and everyone."

Real Name: Olivia Colomar Age: 30
Occupation: Hacker
Base of Operations: Flag of Mexico by EmilyStor3Dorado, Mexico
Affiliation: Talon Los Muertos (formerly)

"Your safety is my primary concern."

Creator: Efi Oladele Age: 1 month
Occupation: Guardian Robot
Base of Operations: Numbani, Africa

"Science will reveal the truth."

Real Name: Moira O'Deorain Age: 48
Occupation: Geneticist
Minister of Genetics
Base of Operations: Flag of Ireland by EmilyStor3 Dublin, Ireland
Affiliation: Blackwatch (formerly)
Talon (council member)

"I will prove myself!"

Real Name: Brigitte Lindholm Age: 23
Occupation: Engineer, Adventurer
Base of Operations: Flag of Sweden by EmilyStor3 Gothenburg, Sweden
Affiliation: None

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Group Info

This group dedicated to all female characters from the first-person shooter 'Overwatch' by Blizzard Entertaiment.
Welcome and free to join!

:bulletpurple: Amélie Lacroix a.k.a Widowmaker
:bulletorange: Lena Oxton a.k.a Tracer
:bulletblue: Satya Vaswani a.k.a Symmetra
:bulletpink: Aleksandra Zaryanova a.k.a Zarya
:bulletyellow: Angela Ziegler a.k.a Mercy
:bulletblue: Fareeha Amari a.k.a Pharah
:bulletgreen: Mei-Ling Zhou a.k.a Mei
:bulletpurple: Olivia Colomar a.k.a Sombra
:bulletpink: Hana Song a.k.a D.Va
:bulletorange:Brigitte Lindholm a.k.a Brigitte
:bulletblue: Ana Amari a.k.a Ana
:bulletpurple:Moira O'Deorain a.k.a.Moira
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Apr 6, 2016


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Welcome to
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"We are the heros of the future."




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Thanks for accept! D.VA shooting star by AveTetsuya  
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I have a two-part story this group may be interested in, but I don't want to join the group just to submit two pieces (warning, part two contains a degree of mature content): Overbloom Part 1: SeedingThe winds howled like a terrible, ravenous beast, the icy storm almost as deafening as it was chilling. Mount Blanc was often a beautiful sight to see- and even then, from a distance, it may well been. But for those that braved and weathered the storm, beautiful was probably not the first word they would use to describe it- terrifying, foreboding, hyperborean, frightening, or maybe even simply freezing would probably more readily come to mind.
"Tell me love, this what it's like working in Antarctica?" came the voice of Lena Oxton, or "Tracer" as her callsign was, having to shout over the winds. "My flight jacket's supposed to keep me warm, but I think this is a mite colder than what it's made for..."
Tracer stood at a fairly short 5' 4", her yellow goggles shielding her eyes from the harsh weather- she had to constantly wipe the snow from them, but it was better than having it in her eyes, at least. She wore a jumpsuit with a leather flight jacket atop of it, and then a strange device
Overbloom Part 2: BlossomingHana Song had woken up in hospitals before after battles, so finding herself clad in a sterile hospital gown and with various electrodes and sensors hooked up to her body was certainly nothing new. What was new was the strange feeling in her skin, wherever it was exposed enough for light to hit it. It felt warmer than usual, but at the same time wrong somehow. She groaned a little bit, stirring slightly, but not actually sitting up. "How long was I out?"
It was Doctor Ziegler who answered her. "About a day, though I'll admit that was partially because I was keeping you sedated. You were exposed to a full mixture of the various serums which we were guarding. They've all been destroyed, so we kept them out of the hands of Talon, but currently the only place they are is within your bloodstream."
The blonde looked up from her tablet with a bit of a sad smile. "I have tested myself and I remain uninfected, but I have been monitoring you all day. Can you tell me anything about how you feel?"
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