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The End
Widowmaker is sitting in an aircraft.
She is looking at a photo that she is holding.
A photo of her next target.
She had feared that this day would come.
The person in the picture, was a blond woman.
Known as Dr Angela Ziegler.
A woman from her past.
And also someone she has been with in secret between missions.
But now Talon have decided to eliminate her.
She wants to save her.
But she can’t
Talon will get to her one way or another.
So if she has to die.
Then she can not let some random cold Talon agent do it.
It has to be her.
She steps of the aircraft onto a roof top.
She is overlooking a makeshift hospital which Overwatch had set up in an old hotel.
She activates her visor and lifts her rifle.
It does not take her long to find her.
She is sitting by a desk.
Drinking what looks like coffee.
Amélie puts her finger on the trigger, ready to fire.
But she hesitates.
Thru the scope she sees the only person in the world, that make her still human.
What would she be without
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Memories. Chapter 13: Memory Lane
Amélie woke up in a flash.
She could feel her heart beating faster in her chest.
She sat up and looked next to her, where Angela was still sleeping soundly.
These nightmares.
Will they ever stop?
She thought to herself as she steps out of the bed, and go into the livingroom.
The dreams is either things from her past, or from the fear of what could happen to Angela.
She thought to herself looking out at the moon.
“Problem sleeping?” Said a voice coming from behind her.
She turned around in an instance, but quickly relaxed when she saw Ana sitting in a chair on the other side of the room.
“You really seem to care about the cold don’t you.” Ana said looking up from the book she had in her hand.
Amélie had not put anything on her when she left the bed.
She had not really thought on it.
The nightmare was still on her mind.
“I do not really feel the cold anymore.” Amélie finally replied.
“Hmm. Well atleast wrap this around you, b
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Memories. Chapter 12: The Covert Sniper
Her cold and blue skin is beautiful. Angela thought to herself as she gently stroked Amélie on her back.
They had not moved from the sofa.
They were just laying there embracing each other.
But for how long can they keep running like this? Angela thought.
Talon would probably not stop hunting for them.
They can not run forever.
But where to go?
Would Amélie agree to that?
She had said no before.
But she probably also know that they can not keep up this running.
Her thoughts were soon interrupted by Ana knocking on the door frame.
“Get dressed you two it is time to eat” She said.
Angela’s face turned red, she had not noticed that Ana was back.
But Amélie just gave of a groan and clinged harder to Angela refusing to go up.
She obviously did not care that Ana had noticed them.
“Don’t make me come in there and drag you into the kitchen.” Ana actually said with a little smile.
It reminded her that it could be a pain to get Am
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Mature content
Memories. Chapter 11: Right Or Wrong :iconzeros-pain:Zeros-pain 3 0
Memories. Chapter 10: Who Is She?
“So what do you think?” Angela said with anticipation when Ana came back into the room.
But Ana did not reply at first. She just went and put on some tea water before answering.
“I will agree that she is different.”
But just as Angela’s eyes shined up with hope Ana said.
“However I can not trust her.”
“Why not?” Angela asked a little disappointed.
“I just can not see who or what she has become. On one hand, she is the cold assassin that betrayed us all. But on the other hand, something is off about her. I can not really say what it is, or if she is just trying to confuse me.” Ana replied.
“First of all. She is still human. Of that I am sure.” Angela said.
“But who is she? If she is not Widowmaker nor Amélie anymore. Then who is she now?” Ana said with a serious tone.
“Well she is Amélie, just not the one she was before.” Angela replied.
“And who is this Amélie then
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Memories. Chapter 9: The Ghost From The Past
When Angela woke up, she was laying in a bed in what seemed a small abandoned house.
“Ao. What happened?” She said as she slowly sat up.
“So I see that you are awake Angela.” Said an old yet familiar voice from the other side of the room.
When Angela turned and looked her eyes widened.
“You? You are alive Ana?”
There by a small coffee table on the other side of the room sat Ana Amari.
“It’s been some time has it not Doctor.” Ana replied with a smile.
“Yes it has. but how? I thought..” Angela started but Ana interrupted her.
“You thought that Amélie had killed me.” Ana said and now with a serious look on her face.
Angela remained quiet for a while until she said in low voice.
“That was not the Amélie you knew that did that.”
“Then who was it?” Ana asked.
And now Angela noticed the eye patch over Ana’s right eye.
She took a short pause again before answering.
“I do
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Mature content
saved | tracer x reader :iconsammitrancy:SammiTrancy 16 2
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Sombra's sorrow :iconwhitetiger-1:whitetiger-1 1 0
Popsicle ( Sombra x Reader )
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All Overwatch Fanfictions are set in the same universe, unless otherwise stated. Multiple stories with the same character (i.e., Tracer) will all be connected. The Reader is the same one from story to story (With the one specific character), so it will develop a story while still being just a collection of one-shots. 
Information on the Reader Used in the story: Here!
Warning(s): None.
Title: Popsicle 
Pairing: Sombra x Reader
Fandom: Overwatch
Word Count: 1,025
   It was Winter, but you didn't care about the weather outside. You were craving a Popsicle and d
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