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Hello Heroes,

The game was released on May 24th 2016 and's May 24th 2017, but wow that was fast. :lol: From all the events we've been through were very fun and totally awesome. Honestly we should thank the creators for building this game and making it really fun for us to enjoy and even selecting the skins you want to use too. However I have to thank you all for joining this group and building this community I mean right now we have 4K members! :D Let's go ahead and move to the update news!

For this new event we have new three maps that is "Necropolis", "Castillo" and "Black Forest". Here's the catch though, but it won't be in the actual matches or comp matches so it will be in the arcade in 3v3 elimination matches. Least the maps are very cool! :la:

And then we have new skins and new dance emotes. The skins look super awesome as always, but I find it D.VA's Skin (Cruiser)  and Mei's Skin (Beekeeper) cute and hilarious. xD  However the dance emotes look really cool too, but very surprise to know that Junkrat's dance move was from Will Smith's Fresh Prince of Bel Air! :omg:

What do you guys think of the new skins, dance emotes and the maps? :D

Also Happy Anniversary Heroes!
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