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Myrtos Beach 2


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Bridge to the islet of trees


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Islet of trees

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Myrtos Beach 2

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Hornero nests 3

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Kindly ladybug

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The Palace of Running Waters (detail)

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Primal Bodies of Perception

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Big Ben

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'Home is where the heart is' part 2


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The Professor and the Ocean - Chapter 2

Chapter Two – A rock band in disarray As if his lead guitarist’s navel-gazing mood wasn’t enough, Grace was becoming increasingly full of herself, which was also impacting badly on her vocals, not to say that Steve’s excessive bass strumming was getting on his nerves as well. He had tried to talk to Steve about it, but it ended up having an adverse effect. And he was very apprehensive about letting Grace know he was having problems with her act. As for Nick’s moods, there was little -if anything- he could about it, as his emotional aiding skills were, to say the least, very very poor. The only band member that Bill Overton felt rock-solid confidence for, was his drummer, Rick. Rick was the heartbeat of the Stellar Gale. He literary led the group when they were performing. He could do a full four-minute solo, if Bill asked for one, without losing a whit of enthusiasm from the audience, and yet he never attempted to overdo his part. He was excellent with no fuss about it. And Bill


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