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Worm Fanart

I just got finished reading all the posted stories for an online serial story being posted on


called 'Worm'. The author posts short stories two days a week, and when I started reading from the first earlier this week I found myself missing entire days of productivity to reading and reading and reading, and just finished today, so I felt I'd do a little fanart.

The jist of it is that it's a superhero setting written about a young underdog with insect powers, but is a bit more complicated and harsher than Peter Parkers life. The author is consistent, and never disappoints. I really got into it and enjoyed the setting, the drama, the masterfully written tension and everything else. If you're a fan of the super hero genre, I highly suggest looking into this. The characters all feel like real people, and there's glorious shades of grey everywhere, just like in real life. Even the powers told in the story feel... solid. They have limits, weaknesses, and you can wrap your head around each one and feel you understand how it works, so when combat happens you can go "oooh yaaaah!". There's no hand waving magic, no mind reading psychics around to tell you who's lying and what's the truth, and...

...I'll probably just go on and on and rambling if I don't stop now. Anyway! Enjoy the bug girl arts.
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Hey, this is wonderful art! I'm making a YouTube video about Worm right now, would it be OK if I featured your fanart? No worries if not. (It's the channel's first video - so it wouldn't be making any money, I just wanna do it for fun!)

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Ahh the classic super roof-hopping technique.
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Skitter Facts: When Skitter is bullied she comes back stronger. When Skitter bullies, a god dies.
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Luv the style of this one :D
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I'm feeling a sudden sympathy for Glenn.
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Just got to the point where your image was mentioned in the comments.

Whoah. Scary. And I'd say, you nailed it very well, even though I imagined something with a lot more armor, a bigger backpack and less hair ;)
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Awesome fanart. I just found this series, and I'm loving it. Thanks for posting this art. This gives me a much clearer visual of her costume than I had imagined before.
You draw really freakin' well, by they way. Love your anatomy. And the background. It's pretty simple, but it gets the point across in a way that doesn't detract from the main image (Taylor). It looks good.
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I really like how you have that one fly in front of her eye, makes her look like she's got some crazy inhuman pupils.
I agree that her eyes look crazy, but since they are supposed to be covered by googles it makes since.

After seeing your pic of her, it suddenly makes a whole lot more sense why Grue thought she was a villian.
Great art!
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Well, those are swim goggles covered with spider silk so you cant see that they're swim goggles.
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Man Drunk...

Way to make her look like a nightmare! Which, given some of the things she does, is pretty appropriate.
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This is incredible cool man.

Do you mind if we put it in the Worm Wiki? [link]

It will be our first image. In fact this is the first Worm related fanart i have hear of.

Thank you
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Dont mind at all, go for it.
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Done, Thank you.

An if anyone whant to participe in the wiki go ahead and edit something, everyone is welcome.
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I'm flattered! Wow!

I was going crazy for the last day, because the same interface I use to post the chapters also gives me a list of sites that've linked to my story and how many people are visiting through those links, and more than a few apparently clicked through on some Deviantart link. I was wondering if maybe someone was posting segments of the story as their own work or if it was some blip in the data, when it occured to me that I could search for the site url. Found it, and it's awesome fanart! Huge success.

Made my day. Thanks, Drunkfu.
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Thats awesome, glad to be giving you more watchers. And glad you liked it, too!
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Hee, those eyes. They are really creepy. Skitter is so much fun.
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