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Victoria Dallon

My take on Victoria's new outfit from the webserial Ward, a sequel to Worm and you should check it out skipped the mask for no real reason. Though.. it'd look interesting slung at the front of the belt like a cod piece...
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Very awesome rendition
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I haven't started Ward yet. I kinda want to wait for Worm to be edited to re-read it first. How is Ward?
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Ward has been amazing if you haven't started it yet, it pulls you in just like Worm.
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pretty good, lots of neat themes and fun side stories.
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it is a slow burn as it sets up what comes after worm and gold morning ...the author avoids overt use of old favorites though cameoes and mentions happen but it has quickly picked up steam as the current problem arises and mentions of bigger issues loom in the background . im really enjoying it so far.