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Undersiders worm fanarts

I doodled some fanart for my favorite super hero web serial Worm (link here: [link] )
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Taylor's hair's too short and not curly, also she's got curves here when she doesn't in canon
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Hey man, let me believe 
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Well, Bitch is accurate
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looking for someone to do some cover art for this fanfic:…

Isn't Skitter taller than all the others, except Grue?
Yes. Yes she is. I've convinced myself Bitch is the shortest. Can't remember if I'm right.
I believe Regent is actually the shortest (at least until Imp turned up).
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Awesome work on the designs, the body language is what really makes the picture though.
I really like it but I just can't stop laughing at Bitch and her pose.
Would you consider doing Rachel/Bitch's dogs, too? I have trouble visualizing them.
You do know Bitch is a girl, right? because that looks like a weirdly dressed scotsman with a beanie :D
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You do know Bitch was described as having features that would probably be more suited to a man?
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Skitter should be taller thant Tats.
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D'aww! Skitter is so d'aww...
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love them all <333 except for skitter's hair... wasnt it long and curly? :PPP wonderful art as always!!
The pic that got me hooked up on Worm.

Thanks again Drunkfu.
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D'aww! Awkward Skitter is awkward. Also I loved the Jobe Watch series you did a couple of years back.
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Not bad, but I think Bitch wasn't THAT masculine... she was described as still noticeably female, after some observation.  This one looks like a crossdresser.


Also, Tail called, she said it was very mean to beat her up, steal her clothes, and toss her in that dumpster.  She understands, you were drunk too, she still wants it back...

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This is my favorite Worm fanart. Their expressions/poses are spot-on, especially Skitter's :+favlove:
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Love it! Their personality really comes through in their postures!
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He :) cool!
You nailed Regent very well, I like him even better than my own imagination. Grue as well (I like him here better than on the solo picture where his helmet is a normal motorcycle helmet). Skitter as well. Bitch surprises me: A short skirt, low boots, bare legs and that cap over one eye? Quite far from what I imagined. And Tattletale - I imagined her less eye-catching, but, well, this works :)

So congrats, you moved my imagination. :) ;)
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Worm is great. Thanks for introducing me to it!
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