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Did this pic tonight immediately after reading the last chapter of my favorite online super hero web fiction, Worm, which if you havent heard about it yet I suggest you check out at;
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looking for someone to do some cover art for this fanfic:…

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Skitter Facts: Skitter can never die. Heaven doesn't want her and Hell is afraid she'll take over.
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She shouldn't be so flat at 18, growth spurts and all.
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flat people are of all ages.
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I'm not saying she isn't small, but she's not as flat as you pictured it, she would have grown after the timeskip -- At least that's what I like to think, that she'd take after her mother. But I'm not sure if she ever mentioned it going one way or another...
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You appear to be fixated on our lil rail thin anti-hero having huge knockers
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not huge, definitely A-cup, just not as straight up flat as it's being pictured
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Winter clothes tend to hide these kinds of things.
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Lovely picture. Really gets to my feels.

Though every time I see it I can't help but be a little sad that I'll never be able to read Worm for the first time again.

I'm not good with bittersweet endings.
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Still not over this picture's feels. Tackling hug 
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I know what would fix it... a scene of that guy from the new Pact story arguing in his study with a girl in a mirror when suddenly a door in space time opens behind him and a girl in a bug themed super hero spider outfit runs out followed by a guy in a skull helmeted biker outfit who's firing smoke back into the door, then a blonde with a domino mask, a butch chick in a leather jacket and dogs, an imp masked girl, and finally a weird king themed costumed guy in tights with a crown all screaming about the end of the world and endbringers and murderers named Jack then a second door opens up and the dash into it and everything is silence.
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...Maybe it's the sleep deprivation doing it, but I giggled for a solid ten minutes at that. 
Make it so!
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this is really great!
I like people's different interpretations of the character descriptions and I certainly like yours :)
really like the warm colors and the sketchy shadows.
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Thanks! Your Amy and Marquis pic was fantastic.
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This is great. Really meshes with the finale.
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Damn. Yeah, this works.
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Aww, this is lovely!
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The ending was beautiful and sad at the same time, and this picture captures and adds to that perfectly. I'm not sure I can handle all these feelings. And she's reading Worm? That is just too perfect.
Reading Rainbow?
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Do a cover art!  Please!


Ohhhh, this is good.


I'm not great at digital art, but I'd help if you want!

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