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Skitter Final Fight

Did this in honor for the near ending of my favorite web fiction, Worm, which you can read here at ;
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At least she got the peaceful life she deserved in the end.

But perhaps at too great a cost.
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Can someone describe this scene for me, please?
I don't mind about spoilers. :)
She mastered an army of capes to fight Scion and save the multiverse.
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Does she feels any remorse for killing Alexandria and Tagg?
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Skitter Facts: Skitter takes the term "personal harem" to a whole new level
This is the best Khepri piece I've seen yet. Really gives a sense of awe, horror, and surrealism all at once.
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she saved the world, at the cost of her arm, sanity, and becoming the most hated person in all the universes. I hope she finds peace and happiness.
And power in a way.
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Yep. And all it took was bullying a god to death.
I love the pulp-fiction-esque addition of the girls wrapped around our hero's legs. Their presence doesn't make any damn sense in-universe, but they make the image simultaneously more amusing and more imposing.
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as I recall the two were specific mutants that had to be kept in touching range of her so she could use their powers, I think the blind one was the gate keeper who could open dimensional gates anywhere and the other was something else.
Doormaker and Clairvoyance.
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When Doormaker touches the Clairvoyant, he can create a portal form pretty much anywhere to pretty much anywhere else through the Clairvoyant's...clairvoyance...
When they are both touching someone with access to unlimited amounts of information processing and a completely unrestricted Shard that allows control over anything living?

Yeah, those 3 were the winning factor in The Golden Morning.

Hell, if Glastig Uaine didn't take Eidolon, Taylor could have probably taken down The Warrior (Zion) (Scion) (Entity) (Golden Man) with maybe half as many casualties.
Let's not even add in Contessa and PtV.

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This is the god damn best. Well done.
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Once there was a maiden,
Who endured everything
Others saw this as a weakness
So they struck her again and again
They took her joy, and she endured
They took her friends, and she endured
Until she did not know anything but endurance
She met others who told her that she could be better
She met the grue clad in dark,
She met the tattletale laced in secrets,
She met the hound on the hunt,
She met the regent with all his arrogance
And later she met the imp with it's cackling glee
"You can be better" They said
So she became something that skittered in the night
Fear and ruthlessness became her sword and shield
Hope and trust her armor and cloak
And she ruled with these by her side
"None will ever suffer again" 
Said the enduring maiden

But she was wrong, for many would suffer
And she realized that what she was, was not enough
So she cast away her ruthlessness
And shattered fear against hope
She clad herself in trust
And armed herself with hope reforged
She was bound with the expectations of the many
But made them into her armor
She met many more again,
"Darkness sometimes hides a sun" They said
And she met the noble chevalier, his armor bright,
And she met the magnificent fairie queen in her court,
And she met the defiant, standing proud against opposition,
And she met the mighty dragon, it's wits sharper than it's claws,
"Sometimes the sun shines with the darkness" They said
And she became a weaver of destinies
"The few will protect the many"
Said the redeemed maiden

But the savior, the first turned upon them
Spurred on his way by the lost and the damned
By chaos and by nightfall
Much was lost, and many fell
Many tears were felled, and much pain was had
The maiden who wanted to protect cried out in sorrow
"I have failed" Said the maiden
She once again took up ruthlessness
She cast off the expectations
And hope was cast aside for control
She met none, for there was noone to meet
She was joined by the scheming angel
Whose motives were not known to any
Not even itself.
She took up a weight
And in one bowl she laid life
In the other, she laid death
Their weight was rebirth, and her crown was the sun
"Now we will never be alone again"
Said the Queen Administrator.

This... Seemed fitting for Skitter, for Weaver, and for Khepri... One for each.
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I saw this in a YouTube video. Are you the same person, or just asked permission to use it?

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I would argue some points of your summary, but the concept of summing up Taylor's journey in the style of an epic poem is an excellent one, and you've done it very well overall. :) You should post this as a deviation.
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I want a like button so I can like you
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I am working on others at the moment, i'll post them all on my profile when i am done.
I'm working with Egyptian artefacts in Manchester. when one of them turned out be a scarab beetle and I was asked about who it was, I was able to answer 'Khepri' and expound on life death and rebirth. My chances of gaining employment were improved... by fictionala character taylor Hebert
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