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OCTO-BEAR-fest shirt design!

By Overshia
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Finished up my design and did one with tentacles because some folks wanted an octo-bear-fest shirt that was more octo than not. It's up on my new zazzle store at… - where you can change the shirt color and quality if you want.
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Is someone going to München this October?
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Noooope. I can barely afford the little Octoberfest up in my my local mountain community.
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But its bavaria, that is almost all mountain. And there is only one real octoberfest, the rest are just bad copies.
And trust me when I say that some Americans are attending.
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If I could afford it I would do so!
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I live close enogh that properly drive down there but I would have to get up pretty early and would still have to rest some place on the way, and if I wanted to make it comfortable and not ruin all day driving I would have to make it a three day journey, so I think it would be both cheaper and more comfortable to take the train. Even a private sleeping coupé would be cheaper then 2 hotel rooms each way.
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Sadly the trains in California don't reach to Octoberfest.
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no you would properly have to fly, but a quick check on the internet tells me that you would  be able to get a return trip for about 1200 US dollars. And that is whit a direct non stop plain from LA to München, and the trip will only take you 12 hours.
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Oh such lovelz bear :meow: Amazing work!:squee:
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If only there was a link o browse punny art like this,
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Hah! That Rocks!
Werewolves are wimpy by compariaon.  An octo-bear with a bellyful of beer, now that's scary.
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He has tentacles now? Oh no.
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Just... awesome. =D
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