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Khonsu, 4th Endbringer

Did some more Worm fanart tonight. The author brought out a new Endbringer, and I thought I'd sketch it out for fun. For those who dont know what Worm is, you should go check it out here;

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I can now take this guy seriously. The fact that his first words of description compared it to a feral Buddha made that hard, even with the terrifying temporal powers. It was like Mannequin would have been if he was bunny-rabbit-shaped.
Demialc-neeb-sah-em's avatar
I dunno man, i've seen a few feral buddhas, and they're not to be taken…
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Re read this old comment about bunny shaped mannequin and suddenly thought about 5 nights at Freddies.
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But how??? When I read it, it sounded like the end of Akira, like death is coming and you can't escape it. At least with the other Endbringers you knew they'd attack one place and stay there, so if you fled fast enough you'd be fine, but when this guy turned up it was like, okay, there is no hope now, and if he decides to kill you you're going to die a slow death. This was the point in the story where society really started to break down.
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Chain rabbit is the stuff of nightmares o_O
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Haha, he's so roly-poly!
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See Khonsu! Khonsu is a jolly rolly-polly soul!
See Khonsu teleport! Teleport Khonsu teleport!
See Khonsu wither humans to skeletons! Kill Khonsu kill! 
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Laugh now, that thing is DEADLY AND SCARY AS ALL HELL!
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~It's got the whole... world... in it's gut... the whole wide world... in its gut...~
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"You just HAD to read that Elder Book while playing Pachinko didn't you?!"
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