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Grue ala Worm

I did some more fanart for the Worm serial I've been enjoying. For those curious, here's the link.


The author updates twice a week, sometimes more (which is pretty impressive in itself). This is one of the "main" characters kind of, but I shall not say any more to avoid spoilers for those who haven't read it yet.
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This is excellent! Is this pre-tortured Grue? Because now when I think of Grue, I like to imagine him as a dead-serious, "I do things because they have to be done" kind of person.
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Great work. I have a mental image of some characters, but Grue wasn't one of them. Now i can pisture better the scenes where he appear.
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The skull headband/mask is a nice touch to the image. I was wondering how you were going to add that image in.
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Seemed the thing to do.