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[Due to Flashplayer being unable to view on Deviantart...]

Very slowly, I've been working on one of my old projects that's 90% done in flash... There are some interactive comics that cannot be re-saved as video format; But, it is my hopes to eventually have some of my older flashes shared privately on Youtube or something.

This will take some time as I currently prioritize volunteer work, family, etc! Thank you very kindly for your patience with me the past few years as I've become quite inactive. I'll try to post what I can if I feel it's worth sharing on Deviantart! Otherwise, I stick mostly to Tumblr still.

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Yeah this sucks. You can always make them .exe things to download.

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might work on Newgrounds too, they're working on their own player

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I'm avoiding Newgrounds for a few reasons, but thank you for the suggestion!

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this is fair! I don't know where else to recommend *for now* but I'll think~

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I have the same problem with one of my flash comics and what is working for me is Swivel, it has many options to convert swf files to video format and it can also record the the interactive parts as you are playing it (Kinda like a playthrough).

I hope this helps!

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Ah thank you! I also use Swivel!! I did not know about the recording you playing through the interactions though, that's amazing!! I will look into this QwQ Bless you!

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