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Splinter City OCT - Adonis

Well, well, well. Long time no see, Deviantart!

I will be entering the Splinter City OCT (which is not being held on dA this time!) with Adonis, who will be making a comeback. But, this isn't the same Adonis you may be familiar with! 

The set up for this reference may seem a bit strange, but they were 5 separate images initially as my work is being posted on Twitter. You can find my reference here:…

It's been fun, looking back at his old references from about 10 years ago and just seeing how much he's grown as a character! To think back in Idrisfall (2012) I was working on the semi-finals while starting Culinary School... as of working on my entry for -this- OCT, I have been promoted to 'Community Chef' at my current workplace. Huh. 

I hope you're all well, in this crazy world that we current live in. Stay kind to yourself, stay hydrated, and find a moment to treat yourself to something you love!
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It's the boi.

Haven't seen the lad since Idrisfall.

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