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Idrisfall - Stream of Memories

By Overshadowed
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Why hello, long time no see!
I'm actually not entirely sure what to put here... whether it's an explanation or some background or whether just to post this in silence and see what happens. Picking up a 7 year old project is a strange thing. Yet of all the stories I was weaving and sharing with everyone, Idrisfall was my most proud. A story with chapters that I've carried with me for a very long time and have never shared. And the older I've gotten, the further away from art I've grown, the more that weight has gotten heavier and heavier. 

Depending how things go: Yes, this is my attempt to pick up the story where it's left off. 

I had posted my audition back on March 12, 2012. I can safety say that that moment was the beginning of daydreams for years to come. I had found myself in March and April of 2019 pushing myself during the slow season at work to start mixing that old voice acting no one had heard, drawing the panels for a script no one (well, except the voice actors and myself) had read... but realized that going back into Summer at my workplace would make it too difficult to continue. And so once again, I had shelved the project to see if that fire would still be burning come Winter.

And here we are.

This is me reaching out to see who is still interested. Who, after all these years, would be curious to see what all of my entries and foreshadowing was leading to. A lot has changed in almost a decade. We're all grown up now. Some of us aren't even on Deviantart anymore...! But I still want to try. 

I will not be fast... I have not improved very much since I've stepped down from OCTs... and I won't be able to tell the entire story as I would have as a 'competition'... but I want to try. And with your participation, I hope you will take part in this journey with me.
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A gentleperson often finds to lose their way.

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Aye, thanks mate! o/
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At this time I'm closing the votes so I can start storyboarding when I am able!! Feel free to let me know what phase you created though!! 
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"A gentleperson often finds to lose their way."

I'm not entirely sure the context, but this is SPICY.  Really interested to see what you do with this!
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Ahaha, well thank you very much for participating even though you're not entirely sure what it's for!! I super appreciate it! It's for the OCT I was in prior to The Walking City, actually! May or may not be working on it again >w< Hope you're doing well, stay warm this Winter!! o/
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Ooooh!  That's super exciting!  Can't wait to see everything you have planned then.  And I hope you have a nice winter too, Ms. Erin!
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"An ally finds to lose their way."

I cannot believe its been 7 years, I guess time flies!

I'm really excited to see more stuff from you!

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Thank you so much!! >w<
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"An ally often finds to lose their way."

Ah... Idrisfall, Idrisfall, Idrisfall~

My how the years have passed by! 7 years, I was just starting in high school when I decided to give this a shot. First OCT I tried for and still honestly surprised I managed to get in and even more surprised I made it past round 1 with my nonsense of sketches. I admit there's plenty I cringe at with some of the stuff I wrote but overall I still have very fond memories of it with Scrap and Sonar. Seeing this pop up made me all happy and fuzzy.

Great to see something being continued from your works. Can't wait to see what will come of it <3

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I agree it's hard to look back at a lot of work and not make a face over it... But it's part of growth and adapting. Not to mention certain things just may not age well or you look back and are like; "What was I thinking??" Such as all the jump scares I put into Idris. What the heck. I either only found them because I saw someone's comment and went hunting for it or came across it by accident. Trying to figure out what my younger-self felt was so amazing and funny about these XDD Giving my older self a heart attack... Freaking kids and their jump scares.

I had a blast including Scrap and Sonar in my round 3. Such a fun Duo! 
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"A gentleperson often finds to make things right."

FInally got around to looking this up! Whew! Haven't been on DA in years!

I'm excited for this!
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Welcome back to the Deviant of Arts, ahahah! And thank you!! >w< :heart:
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"A gentle person finds a means to make things right"

I forgot how incredible you are with these flash animations! I'm so excited to see you take this on further!
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Yeah we would have met at School right near the end of my participation in Idris!! Thanks so much, it took a bit to remember how to heckin' do anything in Flash; Not to mention, my keyboard F keys are set up differently so I had to rely on a lot of right-mouse clicking... but it came back in due time and I was more organized with my button set ups... getting all the buttons and dialog options were so much easier this time around because I had dramatic flashbacks or chaos. XDD 
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"An ally finds a means to lose their way."

Good to see your art and characters again! I'm gonna have to go back and reacquaint myself with some of them - it has been a while!
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It has indeed been a while! Thank you so much! 
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No prob! Have a good one!
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"An ally often finds to lose their way"

I'm glad to see you picking this up! I also hope selfishly to hear myself again if you're going through voice stuff =P

Good luck!

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I found it weird listening to my own voice and some of the other voice actors reading off scenes that I didn't really remember writing... It was weird and fun and since I haven't done a whole lot of VAing since OCTS, I can still look back and be like; "Oh wow hey this is still pretty good!" (Unlike the art, askdhlas)

If things fall into place and I'm able to accomplish what I want to do... may be coming to you for *new* voice acting as well, just saying. 
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"An ally finds a means to lose their way."

Exciting to see you working on this! If anything this gives me a good excuse to look through old Idrisfall stuff again. It's been a bit lol
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It's been soo long 😭 I wanna revisit Delos at some point..
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Oh man, same! I want to revisit Alana sometime too. Give her a glow up lol
Ah, I'd love to see Delos again That'd be so cool!
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