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I like to make cakes!

Hello, my name is Erin and I like to make cakes! Sorry for the lack of posting art; So, I'll share some baking for now that you may or may not have seen on Tumblr!

Mint tea infused chocolate cake with buttercream (top left), Yogurt lemon cake with whipped cream cheese icing (top right), home-made Reeses' peanut butter cake with chocolate shell (the reeses' were entirely homemade, bottom left), and a Chocolate stump cake with half buttercream half cream cheese cocoa buttercream and white chocolate leaves. 

All but the mint cake were from this year (2020)! 
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so you're adopting me right? OwO

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XD ahaha, I can barely take care of myself, are you kidding??

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the cakes are super gorgeous, I cannot make mine nearly as pretty

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We will always find imperfections with our own work, that's unfortunately part of being an artist.

You've seen and experienced every step of the process for your work while you can only see the end product of mine. You had an idea of what you want to produce and the final cake may not look that way, but you don't know what my visions were compared to my end product.

I also am fortunate to have a fairly decent light/space that I take my photos, where I can cover the surface with various cloths to help draw the viewers eyes to the cakes rather than have the background clutter make the space feel cluttered/unclean. QwQ

I appreciate your comment greatly! I worked very hard on them and I'm glad that those efforts shine through; But, I don't think it's fair to yourself to compare our cakes! I've seen your rainbow cake from a few years back and it was stunning!!

(I apologize if this came across as a scolding, it wasn't my intention and I was trying to be careful with my phrasing but I know that over text things can come across harshly! As someone who has, and still do, compare my work to others... I know how negatively that can impact someone and I don't want you to feel badly!!)

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Cake of DOOM

I more mean I can't do decorating well.

But I'm happy with the taste of the cake and I made it rainbow~

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God, I'm almost drooling from seeing these. ;;

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Eeey thank you!! They were very sweet, maybe a bit too sweet for me (the Reeses' one especially, HNGH)

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As someone who likes CAKE and likes CUTE CAKES You damn well know I approve so hard.

I wanna get you nice piping tips too QAQ <3

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I just bought some actually!! (Finally ahaha)

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I don't normally like cake, but the way that chocolate stump cake is looking at me makes me wanna take a slice.

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Ah thank you!! That means a lot~ Decorating and coming up with ideas for making cake is just about (if not more) enjoyable as eating it!

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They all sound really good, except for that last one. I’m not the biggest fan of cream cheese.

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Ahaha, I find cream cheese I need to be in the mood for; Which, is why I made it half buttercream as well. Thank you so much!!

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Not gonna lie... I'm hungry now.

Very well done.

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