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Art Dump (Jan - July 2019) Part B

By Overshadowed
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This art dump consists of primary traditional artwork spanning between the first half of 2019. This particular post includes silly doodles of myself, fan art of Hollow Knight (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollow_K…), fan art of Undertale (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Undertal…), as well as characters from the
:iconidrisfall-oct: from 2012 - 2013. This includes characters of my own as well as ashestoApples, MoonCrazed, Treah, irish-hugz, and StrayFlame

This is the second batch of a bunch of sketches!!
Part A: fav.me/dde8218
Part C: fav.me/dde845p

I doodle myself a lot as warm ups or in reaction to something (which I later send as a reaction image to my friends) or just when I don't know what to draw!! I still have the cat hat (it's so old now, eep!) but my hair is growing out quite a bit! I have an undercut as well, but you can't really see it. 

I finally had the opportunity, years after it's release, to play Undertale on the Switch! It's such a heart warming game and it had me in tears...! I'm also participating in a fan project dub as Napstablook which is exciting! Hollow Knight is such a gorgeous and well designed game, I adore the characters... but it's so difficult!! (I'm very bad at platform-ers). 

I don't really have an explanation for the sudden tribute to the Idrisfall OCT, which I had the privilege to participate it all the way up to the semi-finals!! The hosts and competitors were fantastic and every one of my opponents were super supportive! In regards to story telling, I feel this is my best work in the OCTs I've participated in, and I learned so much from doing animatics... My voice acting team was top notch and such a fun crew to work with. I went back and watched all of my rounds a few times, laughing and having a good cry at what I had accomplished. I found all of those jump scares my past self was very rude to include (ahaha, fooled myself all these years later I did) and re-watching and seeing just how many plot points and foreshadowing I had included since the auditions... I definitely knew what I was doing story wise and was setting myself up for quite a grand finale!! But life has me in a position where I'm happy, I love my job, love the small town I moved to, and all the local businesses. Time to sit down and execute what I had built up to over 7 years ago is pretty impossible at this point. (That being said, I'm not saying I won't in the future.) 

But yes, that's a LOT of Adonis art. He's a fun little dude and still one of my favourite characters to voice act. 
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i am screaming so much, i love this more than anything

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I KNOW SOME OF THESE FACES! Little Miss! SCARECROW <3!!! Ahhhh these are soooo good ;A; I'm so glad you posted these!!
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>w< Thank you so much!! <3
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awww, I love seeing all your sketches <333 they're always so much fun :D
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LITTLE MISS!!!! O0O!! <333 memmoorrieess! ;O; <333
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