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Pegasus -- Updated
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Published: March 4, 2011
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This is based on the 7th season STTNG episode "The Pegasus". Cmdr. Riker's former CO, Admiral Pressman, comes aboard the Enterprise and takes command over a salvage operation to retreive the formerly deemed lost prototype Oberth-class vessel U.S.S. Pegasus.

Eventually the ship is found inside an asteroid in the Devolin system and Admiral Pressman, against Capt. Picard's better judgment, orders the Enterprise inside the Asteroid. Eventually the Pegasus is found half stuck inside the rock and it is later found out, that the Pegasus was equipped with an experimental Phasing Cloak which not only cloaks a ship using it, but lets it pass through normal matter.

Due to an accident the cloaking device failed while the ship was drifting through the asteroid, leaving it stranded as it was found here by the Enterprise.

Background: Created by me in PS. A combination out some own rock photographs and some Google found stock.

Meshes: Galaxy-class by Prologic9, Oberth-class by Gerard Duffy.

Composition: Scene and lighting setup in LW, final composition in PS. Initially rendered first image with Oberth-class, then further modified background, digitally generating the effect the ship being stuck in rock. Second render session added the Enterprise. Final modifications in PS including glows, blurs, lights and shadows. Added slight blue-ish tinge and grain for TV effect.

Additions: Changed Oberth-class registry from U.S.S. Aries in PS postwork to U.S.S. Pegasus as shown in the episode.

Star Trek © Paramount Pictures, All Rights Reserved.

Original size: 2000x1100

Total time approx. 5 hours incl. render time and 365 layers in PS.


Comments and critique welcome as usual. Full view recommended. Enjoy.

Updated Apr 2011.

Thank you to *TreeClimber once more, for valuable suggestions and continual input. Changes involve sharpening of stone surface areas to achieve a more rugged and less smooth look.
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Thundrhawk1 Traditional Artist
Oof the Pegasus' crew got REJECTED when passing through that rock XD

"What happened to your ship?"
"It got stuck in a rock"
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
Doctorwholovesthe80sHobbyist Writer
Love that episode!
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bomsteinamProfessional Artist
Taranis69's avatar
Taranis69Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great .. love this episode..
also great to see one of my models used to great effect :)

overseer's avatar
overseer Digital Artist
Thank you very much! I'm glad you approve and thank you for releasing that great model.
Taranis69's avatar
Taranis69Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pleasure.. wonderful render and currently used as desktop image :)
j0hndrake's avatar
Absolutely wonderful.

Thanks for sharing!
overseer's avatar
overseer Digital Artist
Thank you!
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overseer Digital Artist
Thank you.
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Brilliant work again, despite the reflected windows argument I would have gone much darker though . Or even, if only the lower left corner (under the ship,and under the spot lights) was darker I think it would work even better. Thats no criticism of your work which is HA-MAzing ! Love that episode and your re-creation is very atmospheric and captures the feel of that moment of wonder and WTF that the crew would have felt at that time!
You continue to inspire me to do cool ST shots despite me wandering off to BSG all the time ;) Next one is all about the Trek !
overseer's avatar
overseer Digital Artist
You make some valid points. I might just work it over again a little. Although, I'm not sure I fully understand what you mean with 'relfected windows argument'?

The lighting is the hard part. It's much easier when things are in motion, but I had to add some lights to make it work. But yeah. Generally with Trek stuff I really try to get the shows effects right; of the respective shows and not 'modernise them', because I think that takes the flair away. :shrug:

I have to say I haven't seen BSG yet; the new show anyway. Gonna have to put that on my to-do list. So much to get caught up on, it's not funny anymore. :P And thank you for the huge compliment!
TiB69's avatar
Light from the windows being reflected in the rock to generate ambient lighting is what I meant. No need to re-do it tbh, its great as it is.
Man you NEED to get some BSG in your life tho, I'm serious, for me there has not been a better Sci-FI experience in the last 20 years. Ronald D Moore let loose and created some truly incredible TV. You could see little bits of that in DS9, the character interplays and growth, proper story arcs , touchy subjects being explored especially in the Dominion War arc but his hands were tied by Berman & Braga for a lot of it . BSG is 4 seasons ( and a 3hr MiniSeries to launch it) of amazing story telling ,real nuanced characters and a great ride.
What was I talking about, oh yes great work on this one, no need to re work it unless you feel like it, its absolutely fine as is !
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overseer Digital Artist
Ah, OK... well, using the windows to generate the appropriate lighting in the render itself would not be possible for two reasons:

1) It would require the environment to be part of the render which it isn't in this case, once again, pure photoshop, put together form stone images etc.,
2) The windows are part of the model, but the windows do not as such emit light and I would have to setup lighting for the windows, or even modify the model itself and, well... I'm not a modeler and not due to laziness, just not interested in it. :shrug:

So yeah, thanks again and maybe I'll work it over if I have absolutely nothing else to do. ;)
TiB69's avatar
Amazing work in Photoshop to be honest. I do everything in Vue not only for slightly better realism but mostly due to the fact that it's easier than doing the other bits in Photoshop, the fact that you are making it all seem part of the same scene while doing the background in PS is amazing ! Great skills there. I've made all the windows on my Prologic9 Galaxy class into area lights to simulate the windows lights reflected on things. I've not actually put it in a scene yet but may come in handy at some point :D
overseer's avatar
overseer Digital Artist
Thank you. Yeah, I found there is nothing you can't do with it over the years. I've used Vue a lot in the past, I think since version 3 when it was still called 'Vue d'esprit'. It definitely is a good software. Right now I can't use it properly, because the grpahics chip of this laptop doesn't work well with it and Vue even tells me so. But then... I enjoy the manual PS work anyway.

And yeah, good work on the area lights. That's some project. :O_o: Not sure I'd have the patience for that and usually I have a lot...
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Marksman104Hobbyist Artist
I watched that episode not to long ago.
RobCaswell's avatar
RobCaswellProfessional General Artist
Neat! I remember this ep!
overseer's avatar
overseer Digital Artist
Thank you. I enjoyed working on this as it's one of my more favorite episodes.
yankee30's avatar
yankee30Hobbyist Digital Artist
Better than Blue Ray hi Def

I remeber this episode

Picard was about to Court Marshal Riker's ass
for not giving up the "Secret"

I fully respect the amount of the work that
went into this
overseer's avatar
overseer Digital Artist
Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it.
DavidAkerson's avatar
Very nice composition! I like the lighting set up!
overseer's avatar
overseer Digital Artist
Thank you. Lighting is always the hardest part to get right (an realistic).
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