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If you notice that some of our galleries are beginning to look like we've traveled back in time to 2009, I apologize! I'm doing a deep clean/sort of all folders and I forgot dA doesn't have one very basic gallery feature... a button that sorts things by date.

So I'll have to resort folders manually after I finish cleaning them, which will likely take a WHILE.

So until then, please bear with me! I promise things will start looking like 2017 again soon!
Hey all! I'll be giving the gallery folders a thorough sorting/cleaning this Tuesday, so don't be surprised if things get shifted around! As per usual gallery cleanups, I'll be purging all stored or deleted deviations and moving things that might've fallen into the wrong folder.

Also, I'm on the lookout for a few more active Contributors for the group! Tasks would simply involve approving gallery submissions into the correct folders, and notifying the user if their submission is in the wrong place. Just drop the group a Note explaining your credentials (fandom background and/or other groups you may work for) and how often you check dA!
Hey everyone! I know the info has already spread around Facebook, Twitter and the UtaForum, but I figured I might as well post here!

Cyberkyo is hosting the first-ever "UTAUVision" cover contest! It will operate much like a combination of Eurovision and Youtaite chorus battles. This will be a competition among country-based teams of 3-6 people each. As entries will be judged by tuning, mixing, PV/illustration and creativity, it would be a good idea to put together a well-balanced team of people with these various strengths for your country!

All the information (such as deadlines, rules, and such) can be found on this UtaForum post!

Team applications are filling up fast, so make sure you enter your team ASAP!

I'll be adding important deadlines to the Events calendar on the right of the group page as they come up!
Just a minor thing, but I've updated the OSUF banner! This time we're branching out a little from Defoko to include the other "UTAU Sisters" Teto and Momo!

Hope y'all like it!
I made a folder for UTAU design adoptables and such! If you've submitted any to other folders before, please let me know so I may move them. All UTAU design adoptables and auctions should be submitted only to this folder from now on.

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