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If you notice that some of our galleries are beginning to look like we've traveled back in time to 2009, I apologize! I'm doing a deep clean/sort of all folders and I forgot dA doesn't have one very basic gallery feature... a button that sorts things by date.

So I'll have to resort folders manually after I finish cleaning them, which will likely take a WHILE.

So until then, please bear with me! I promise things will start looking like 2017 again soon!
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Gallery Folders

Portrat von Mull by GraySlate
ZOMBIE MAKER by GalaxyRakki
Pixel Kanochi Neko by Sapphirethedragon2
Hibiku whisper by Sofiia-C
Featured 2
Update:[SPEED PAINT ADDED]-Euterpe[UTAU COVER] by Ruri-dere
Zero front profile WIP by SoganaxSaeki
.:Happy Birthday Nao!:. by kireiiHoshi
Yuki at Summer by GonchiDayo
Featured 3
Happy Birthday Miey! by Aerinyxx
Fifi Macfu by Aphneia
space kid by PrinceOscar
VOCALOID MAIKA MERCH 2019 by Matsu-tsu
Featured Traditional
UTAU | Tekioto Naomi | Inktober Day 21 by SPH-Works
kidcore michi by VaporwaveToons2002
michi's new haircut by VaporwaveToons2002
Breakable by technolapin
Songs and PVs
Guess who's back?  XD by Amai-Yuta
[UTAU Release] Say Moo! [Bolly Joel CVVC] +VB/PV by GraySlate
PONPON way way way by VaporwaveToons2002
CHLOE by greyvestone
Official Art and Design
[UTAU Release] Bolly Joel CVVC by GraySlate
UTAU Senchou (Stage Clothing Human ver) 2020 by YukitoYuki
UTAU_Miwa Hanne by nenenesai
Cody Verre Character Art + UTAU voicebank by Cody-Tailor
Reference and Concept Sheets
.:[UTAU] ~ Ito Emil Reference:. by Rina-Aka
Paris Carlisle Official Reference (+VB) by GraySlate
Lewis Wendelken Official Reference (+VB) by GraySlate
[UTAU] Bixibite Official Reference 2019 by kittidere
Utau basic tutorial part 1 by Sofiia-C
3D and MMD
MMD Hita Mitsuki DOWNLOAD by Meowffin
FLELE, LipSync, Shimeji
Animations and Flash Media
Devil in the Details - Animated Short Story (YT) by GraySlate
re:installation // complete by vanileii
Stamps, Icons and Graphics
UTAU Boxart Stamps by Inochi-PM
Dolls, Sprites and Pixel Art
.:[UTAU] ~ Emil Pokemon Sprite:. by Rina-Aka
uta30ch10 Nai Gestalt by YukariYakumo
Sketches and Doodles
Let's go!! by ICSanimangalovers
michi's inspiration meme by VaporwaveToons2002
-ERROR Namine Ritsu by ietjeerawrr
Sho Suine doll by Shia-Dalton
looking for a new face by Meowffin



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Group Info

Overseas Utafest, the first UTAU-themed group on dA, is a community for users of the UTAU singing synthesis software!

About the name: Back in 2009, this group was inspired by Utafes Beta, one of the earliest UTAU-themed doujin events in Japan. At the time, the term "overseas" was used to refer to UTAU outside of Japan (translated from the tag "UTAU海外組" used on Nico Nico Douga)

What is UTAU? UTAU is Japanese singing synthesis software. You record samples for a "voicebank" and UTAU allows you to string them together to create singing vocals. Once you have made a voicebank, you can distribute it for others to use! The concept was derived from VOCALOID, a singing synth engine created by Yamaha and popularized by Hatsune Miku.
Founded 14 Years ago
Oct 3, 2009


Group Focus

1,635 Members
1,360 Watchers
120,861 Pageviews

Group Info

Current Events

n/a, perhaps submit one?


OSUF is currently looking for active users to act as Contributors and help to accept user submissions! If you wish to apply, please send us a Note with information about how often you're able to check deviantART, your timezone, and details about your activity in the UTAU fandom as a whole.


  • This group is for UTAU only. No fanloids or other OCs are permitted.

  • No requesting Contributor access in the comments. Submit a proper Note application.

  • No illegal content.

  • No UTAU self-promo or advertising in any related comments sections on the group or its submissions.

  • No drama or fighting. Be nice to one another.

Other UTAU Communities

  • The UtaForum - The largest English-speaking UTAU forum!

  • UTAU Wiki 1.0 - The original UTAU Wiki project that anyone can edit! Now owned by the VOCALOID Wikia crew.

  • UTAU Wiki 2.0 - The newer UTAU Wiki with form-controlled pages, now intended as a backup for the first.

  • VocalSynth Space - A social network for all singing synthesis users!

  • Vocaverse Network - The successor to VocaloidOtaku!

To Submit Your Work!

  • You must be a member! Click the "Join Group" button at the top!

  • Submit to the appropriate gallery. Any category labeled "Featured" is for general digital work that doesn't fit into other categories, such as general fanart or commissions. We are currently on Featured 3 as the other 2 galleries have filled up.

  • Use your best judgement when submitting, as we know some categories overlap.

  • When you decide to put a deviation into storage, PLEASE remove it from the group! We occasionally prune old dead links, but this helps us a lot.

  • If there is EVER a gallery cleaning, you will be notified well in advance.









Want To Affiliate?

Your group MUST be related to VOCALOID, UTAU, or any other synthesized singing.

Just go to your group page, click the Affiliate button, and type in overseas-utafest!



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Hi everyone! I've got a problem with Utau Synth and I've tried everything I can find to try to fix it. If anyone could help me out that would be awesome! I'll even draw your utauloid for you! <3 Thanks so much for reading!
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