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So I've been meaning to post a Banned List for a while.  It's not very long, and its purpose is really just to highlight some conflicts that exist in Third Edition compared to the original game as written.  So without further ado:


That's it for now.


I've mentioned elsewhere that I've incorporated most of the optional rules from the fanmade Power Balance expansion set into Third Edition.  Since certain new mechanics in OP3 rely heavily on those optional rules, and the Power Balance site has gone down a couple times, I thought it prudent to reproduce a list of the rules here, with my own additions.

  • MultiPower Power cards can only be played if ALL of the Character's Power Grid Ratings meet or exceed the level of the Power cards.  For example, Batman can't play a level 3 or higher MultiPower Power card because he only has a 2 in Energy.
  • Since there are such high requirements to play them, level 5 MultiPower Power cards are no longer considered One Per Deck.
  • Any-Power Power cards of every level are no longer considered One Per Deck.
  • Your deck cannot contain both Any-Power and MultiPower cards.  This applies to Power cards, Tactic and Universe cards, but not Specials or Aspects.  You can choose between an Any-Power deck and a MultiPower deck, but you can't mix and match.
  • Since I've changed Teamwork cards to Tactics, and Artifacts to Universe cards, Legacy cards that generally refer to Tactic or Universe cards are considered to refer to either.  For example, Cyclops' Ground Blast would force discarding of Tactic or Universe cards, chosen when played.  Eventually all of those cards will be updated, revised, or outright replaced in OP3, but it's an ongoing process.  Legacy cards that refer to a specific type of Tactic or Universe card, such as Teamwork cards, still affect only those cards.
  • All subsequent attacks from Tactic and Universe cards are now considered "follow-up" attacks, and must be made simultaneously with the attack that allowed them, before defense is chosen.  This does not apply to Special cards that allow "additional" attacks.  Additional attacks are still played and defended one at a time.
  • Attacks against Battlesites now count toward Venture Total, but only half the amount (rounded down) they do against Characters.
  • Battlesites' Hits to KO is now 20 points, and they can be Spectrum KO'd with three Power Types.
  • Only one of each Special code can be used with a Battlesite.
  • Any Character Specials can only be included in your deck if you're using the Marvel Manhattan or New Earth Location as a Battlesite.  It doesn't matter which.  You can play DC Any Character Specials with Marvel Manhattan and vice versa, but once the Battlesite is KO'd, Any Character Specials have to be discarded as normal.
  • Homebases allow you to build a team using any three of the Characters listed on them, as well as any one additional Character that shares an Affiliation with that Homebase.
  • Homebase teams can total up to 80 points, as opposed to the normal 76.
  • For Homebases without an Affiliation, your team can consist of any three of the Characters listed, plus one additional Marvel or DC character, whichever applies.  However, these Homebase teams can only total up to 76 points.

justaOPfan Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2016
Thanks for the review above (& the quick reply on the forum).  I was hoping that you weren't done yet, and am happier knowing you aren't.
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