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"The Princesses of Dusk and Dawn" is actually a more fitting title for this concept

Haven't drawn ponies in a good while so I spontaneously made this over the past few days from a headcannon of mine.  (I'm on a bit of an mlp kick right now just fyi so i might be making some more art for a while..just a warning) aaannd I just thought itd be interesting if Twilight and Sunset both became alicorns and later they take over Celestia and Luna's job over the sun and moon. Plus, I really REALLY like the look of Twilight with Luna's space hair.  The clouds and sky were an adventure all their own to make with all the colors n stuff. Sooo here, enjoy some Twilight and Sunset alicorn princesses <3
Edit// new addition to the my descriptions from now on, the song I listened to the most while making the art~ love nowacking btw//

Program: Adobe Photoshop CC
Time: 2-3 days
Inspirational Song of Choice: Nowacking's "Both of Us" Cover
On Equestria Daily!
and again!

oh and I also may or may not be shipping them super hard atm but dont worry thats not important at all dont pay attention to me i am just tiny text at the bottom of the screen ignore mee
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Soon it will happen 🥹