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The Spectral Splatter Wraith

This is the second print I made in the Dark room by myself.

I was aiming to create a phantasmagoric atmosphere with this piece by using lots of shadows and contrast.

Moral to these recent doll photos: Don't strive to be a 'perfect' model and influence children that a certain appearance is important, or else psychos like Mortiroth will kidnap and mutilate you! :Db (Haha, that's not really the moral, but it's true. :))

Hope you like!
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Hehehe!! Thank you! :D
Tiggi-Stones's avatar
This is amazing!
OverlordMortiroth's avatar
Thank you so much!! ^__^
quartieball's avatar
You're kidding... this is ACTUALLY perfect! Whoa..
OverlordMortiroth's avatar
Aww, thank you so much! -^__^- It really means a lot, and thank you for the +Fav, too! :)
Nidhokk's avatar
Really nice composition and shadows.
OverlordMortiroth's avatar
Thank you very much! ^^
Zeroh's avatar
Ahaha, that's cool. I like the lighting and the backround a lot(looks like blood, heheh).
And also the fact that it is black and white. Good job. ^^
OverlordMortiroth's avatar
Yaaay!! Thank you very much, it was supposed to hehe! ^_^b I too think that black and white can really make photos look nice in a lot of cases, thanks again! :D
Zeroh's avatar
Haha, awesome(I love blood, haha. :D).
Yesss, yes it can. ^_^
Herdo's avatar
Man that one goes right up on the shelves with the barbies that got the voice chips mixed up with the G.I, Joes and said "EAT LEAD COBRA"
OverlordMortiroth's avatar
Hehehe!! That's so cool! :D Thanks! ^^
glittercunt's avatar
It's awesome, I really love the idea and how you did it, but at the same time, I think it's too much contrast and too much light. I would have enjoyed it even more if there was more greys in the doll.

But otherwise, perfect! :3
I'm just a sucker for tones and such.
OverlordMortiroth's avatar
Thank you so very, very much!! ^__^ And I agree, the atmosphere would have been a lot more stronger had I used more darker tones ^-^;; I'll be sure to keep that in mind more when both taking photos and developing, thanks! A_A

I'm so happy that you like it!!! :Db
uka-uka's avatar
Wow! That's one mutilated Barbie doll! That is a Barbie doll right? :D

I love it! I love the way it's slightly mummified and blindfolded. The black and white effect gives it more of a macabric edge! I love the splatter! And to think I'm scared of horror! I guess there's a macabre and gothic in my soul. Perhaps it makes up a third or even a quarter of it!

I love it sis! You know I actually thought it was a painting at first. :D But it's still impressive as photography! :+favlove:
OverlordMortiroth's avatar
Muahahaha, it is indeedy! >= D Hehehe!! :D

And thank you so very, very much!!! A__A I'm really glad that you like the mutilatingness, I -did- attempt to penetrate her flesh with some nails that I have, but the main body is created from a very odd plastic which I could not get through, even when I heated the pins and I could not find my hammer ><...I was worried that she would shatter! XD Perhaps some other time I could attempt again ^_^;; And that's awesome to hear!! >= D There is a little macabre in us all! :Db

Wow!!! Thank you so very much for the fav!! It means so much to me!! A__A Yowzer, I WISH I could paint that well, hehe! :XD: Thanks again!! ^^
uka-uka's avatar
Oh ho! That is one mutilated Barbie. :XD: You must really love it! :giggle:

Indeed there is macabre in us all! Maybe I should get into my Koudelka outfit and enter the next Gothic church I see! :evillaugh: But then again....I might run into a James and Edward alike people! :O_o: And Charlotte! AND SPIDERS! AND MUTANTS!

Heheheheehehe. Someone got carried away to Cloud 9000 and back. :D

And you're sooooo welcome sis! :D You deserve it! And I'm sure you could paint that well! ;)
OverlordMortiroth's avatar
Heh, I sure do! >= D *hiding rusty sickle behind back*

And that sounds like a good plan!!! :Db Yikes, watch out for scary Edward and James, holy maccaroni! XD AND CHARLOTTE!! "Diediediediediedie! Oh yeah, and die!! ^w^" :XD:

Thank you again so much, sis!! ^w^ Maybe I might be able to someday! ;--;
MistressOfSpuds's avatar
I totally agree with Uka on this one. Well done! <3
OverlordMortiroth's avatar
Awwww!! Thank you so much! A___Ab
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