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Hellooooooo DA peeps!
[Goal percentage has been updated Oct 14 2017]

New comic updates are coming! Where you at DA? Is the site dead like people say or are you all waiting for something hype to happen?

For those of you who aren't aware, SleepOver is returning with help from viewers like YOU pbs thank you message

Sorarikku Concept Cover Display by OverlordJC

No but seriously, the comic is coming back and this page is back to regular updates every week! A big WARM thank you to each of you that visit this page every single day and those of you who are already pitching in to show your support for the comic.

[Our Current Progress is: 20% of our goal] You guys are doing great, keep it up!!!

Click here to pitch in and support the return of the comic with quick updates!

I will be posting up turnarounds of each of the story cast members in their "slightly" updated pajama wear. So look forward to that soon.
[Update] I've begun creating turnarounds of the entire cast! See what the current iteration of the story will look like on Patreon first! First update is scheduled for October 16th $1 is all it takes to make sure you're in on all of them!

I've also considered doing a poll for who you'd all like to see as the 6th sleepover guest (This is the HD remix version afterall, of course we have to have new content guys)
[Update] The poll for the 6th Sleepover guest will be happening soon so stay tuned!

Updating the Gallery!

We are nearly done updating the gallery with new work. Look out for a few more pieces this weekend!

Cheers and thanks for reading!

Greetings everyone!

Smaller Yay by OverlordJC

It has been a while since I've properly come back to do maintenance on this page and breathe some life into this place, but I say it's high time we did that!
I've been hella busy working all over the place, and working with a few different studios, but I've always wanted to come back and put some love into
the page that helped me get my start online!

I've got a ton of notes and emails about this one, so let's finally get to it:


The comic that a majority of you followed me for needs to come back and get a proper ending!

I'd like to redo each of the existing pages at my current skill level and give them some proper visual polish! I'd also love to
be able to turn out brand new pages every single week, but to do that I'm going to need your help

Here's how you can make that happen:

Drawing these pages takes time and I've got to do things like keep a roof over my head and... eat.
Honestly I don't think I can do this all on my own without some kind of support.
To remedy that, I currently have a Patreon page, and I've included SLEEPOVER as an unlockable goal.

Patreon-logo by OverlordJCSmaller Banner 2locked by OverlordJC
With your support, I can focus on purely posting up pages and other fun goodies every single week.

If you want to pitch in and bring back weekly SleepOver comics:

:bulletorange:Step 1: Go here to my Patreon:OverlordJC's PATREON 
:bulletyellow:Step 2: Pledge for one of the Levels available
And that's it! I've heard your replies, I've read the emails
so let's get it done!

[Current Progress is: 14% of our goal] You guys are doing great, keep it up!!!

I've tried to make it affordable for everyone so it's only $1 to pitch in per person, but you can go higher
if you see fit to do so!

★ All comic pages will be posted here and on my Tapastic page simultaneously ★
★ People who support get to see previews first on patreon! ★
★ I will post pages 3 at a time ★


I'll be updating my newest art pieces here simultaneously with my other pages
so you guys don't have to miss out on anything here.

[Current Progress of Updating Gallery is: 10% of the way there]

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, is going to support me, and has followed this page for so long! It's been 12 years since I first signed up for an account so this place still has fond memories for me and lots of great people as well!

Cheers and I'll see you all tomorrow for some new art updates!

Hello DA Family! Time for some updates!

So It's been at least 2 months since my last art post in the gallery, so it's time to get you all up to speed. The update would have come faster, but I was waiting on the greenlight to be able to say anything publicly.

I've been diligently scribbling away at your commissions and portfolio artwork like a mad man! But wait, where is it then? Stop holding out on us man, I wanna see mine!!! Welllll, there's a good reason for the hold up in posts guys...

I've been under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with half of my latest batch of commissioners, so I haven't been able to share anything -- until now. So let's start with the NDA crew and move forward from there so you guys can see how my time was spent and what's to come next.



The fine crew over at UDON are launching their first ever Street Fighter Swimsuit Special! I'm excited to announce that I was brought on as a guest artist for the book! We were all sent these hilarious teaser clips of our pieces to share the good news today.
You can check mine out here: OverlordJC SF Swimsuit Teaser Clip Tumblr

And here: OverlordJC SF Swimsuit Teaser Clip twitter

See the UDON announcement here: Announcement: STREET FIGHTER SWIMSUIT SPECIAL #1

Thanks for the opportunity guys, it was fun! Feel free to hit me up again #Kappaface


As some of you may already know, I am one of the lead Concept Artist and Animators for the upcoming RPG, CRYAMORE.
You may or may not also know that we are now apart of the ATLUS family (yes that Atlus, home to the Persona series)

While I can't share any specifics with you guys yet, I've been hard at work on some new animation for the game that I can't wait to share. If you're currently a backer of the project, the most recent KS update was a BIG one, and you can catch some of my work there! We'll be looking to update our social media outlets in the months to follow!
Follow us @Cryamore

Mark Engels

I've been working with writer, Mark Engels, who commissioned me as far back as FEB to begin working on bringing his project to life. The work has been monthly, and while I still can't disclose any details, you are more than free to visit his twitter page for any snippets and bits of foundation work that he's sharing with the public!


G. Mitchel

A Fellow DA user and aspiring author for his own original graphic novel, "Heart of Wildfire", has also requested a new piece for something he has in the works. I must remain hush-shush about it, but please feel free to visit his DA page at FallenAngelGM to see how you can support his project and get more info!

There are a few more, but I can't even mention who and what they are atm LOL, so please bear with me on those :'D


DA Commissioners

Bullet; Green spiral-paynt I still need to finish up your turnaround and send you the final high res version!
Bullet; Blue Tea 100% Complete
Bullet; Blue Tom - Through E-mail 100% Complete
Bullet; Green WaffleLeech 100% Complete
Bullet; Green The-Masa  100% Complete
Bullet; Green Xiakha I've still gotta finish up your super adorable commission piece as well. Right now I'm coloring your picture so I'll be emailing you with an update too.
Bullet; Green RaycatRakittra I saved over your piece with one of my other client's work *facepalm.jpg* So I've had to go back and redo some of the work I already did LOL
Bullet; Green greatdragonad Yours is the fastest one to finish up so I gave priority to the larger ones, first

For the rest, I still have to send you off your completed full res pictures and find out whether or not you want me to share your work in the gallery. So allow me to finish getting organized and we'll take care of that through email.

WHEW! As you can see I've been busy busting my hump, but I wanted to keep you all in the loop. I'm working on the updating thing guys, still a work in progress but I'm gonna keep trying to improve at it.

What's been up with me?

Well I've been fighting off a pretty nasty bout of sinusitis for the last 2 MONTHS!!! It started with some random allergies at first, then it got worse. There's been quite a few days where I couldn't do anything but just try and breathe, keep my eyes clear, and deal with the sinus pressure. It's been a rough ride and I JUST WANT IT TO ENNNNNNDDDDDDDD. Thankfully things are WAY better than they were a week ago and I can actually sit and work like a normal person.

Outside of that I've also been trying to put my own portfolio together, but of course I need to keep the bills paid, so that's still slow going atm.

No I still haven't forgotten about my Fan Comic either. Patience, its time will come.

Once I'm finished with this round of commissions, I won't be doing another batch right away. I'm going to be focusing on creating some new content! As for what that new content is, you'll just have to wait and see:D I will say that it might have something to do with Twitch and Youtube though -- and on that note I guess I'll ask a quick question here:

Would any of you be interested in seeing commission art and animation being done live?

That's it from your friendly local Overlord's desk

I'll catch you all next update!



SORRY EVERYONE BUT ALL SLOTS HAVE BEEN FILLED. Thanks to everyone that wrote in to get a slot, you guys move fast. If you didn't get in this time, you still have a shot at getting in next time.

:bulletyellow:How to Order:bulletyellow:

Review the prices here

Note me or Email the following:
  • Subject: Commissions
  • Type of commission*
  • Attached or linked references
  • Brief character description

*If arcade stick, please specify which model
*If R18 content, +$200 on top of base price

You are paying for:

  • high res, printable PNG file
  • The rights for personal use only unless otherwise negotiated (such as kickstarters or artbooks)


Here is the current list of commissions:
(Updated Hourly)
Key:  DA = :bulletgreen: | Tumblr/offsite = :bulletblue: |

:bulletgreen: spiral-paynt 60% < Error Correction
:bulletblue: Tea 100% Complete
:bulletblue: Tom - Through E-mail 100% Complete
:bulletgreen: WaffleLeech 100% Complete
:bulletgreen: The-Masa  70% Color Phase
:bulletgreen: Xiakha 40% Sketch Phase
:bulletgreen: RaycatRakittra 90% Color Phase
:bulletgreen: greatdragonad 50% Sketch Phase
:bulletgreen: mjengels 100% Complete 1 of multiple


What's Coming Down The Pipeline?

I have plans to share some more neat animated work I've been busy with soon.
Been working in Zbrush as well, so I'd like to share some of that soon too!


Lots more content to come! Get Hype - and as always, thanks for reading!

Till next update everyone!

After taking care of some long overdue clean up and apologies in my last journal, it's time to get things rolling on this page once more!
You can see the previous commission clean up and apology journal here: Commission Refund Journal + Apology

Commission Are Open Once More [After this batch is complete]

(LOL I appreciate the enthusiasm guys, but lemme finish this batch first!)

Once I finish my current batch of work, I will be opening commissions here as well! I've started off by doing them in batches of 3, but after seeing how quickly the spaces get full, I'll be changing that to 5 spots for each batch.

Here is the current list of commissions:
Key:  DA = :bulletgreen: | Tumblr = :bulletblue: |

:bulletgreen: spiral-paynt 100% Complete
:bulletblue: Tea 75%
:bulletgreen: :masa-saito:  100% Complete

Lets Catch Up!

I am a Lead Concept Artist, an Animator, and SFX artist at Cryamore
We've recently joined forces with ATLUS and both sides agree it's a perfect fit
Graduated from Capilano University for 3D Animation/Modeling

Yes I know about alllllll of the latest game news, especially everything KH, Disgaea, and Final Fantasy related!
Still looking to continually improve my art and become a stronger presence in the community.

What's Coming Down The Pipeline?

 Completed commission posts will be going up
I will be Live Streaming my Drawing and Animation processes on TwitchTV. This will be apart of my upcoming Patreon
I've been asked many many times to do tutorials, live draws, live animation sessions, and more -- So let's give it a shot! [Coming Soon]
Once I've got things running smoothly again, I will be (hopefully) starting my own original comic story, I DO!? as well as bringing back SleepOver.


There's lots more coming, so I'm glad to be back and I'm happy everyone is excited about that! Get Hype - and as always, thanks for reading!

Till next update everyone!

Okay, it's time to take the final step in clearing the air and getting things back to a faster pace on this page

I am preparing to issue refunds to all remaining outstanding commissions so I can return things back to neutral and make things right with many of you who have long deserved it.

First I'd like to apologize for taking so long to make up commissions and keep so many of you waiting for so long. It wasn't fair and it was unprofessional.
As a result, it did nothing but hold me up from posting and sharing on this page leaving it dormant for so long, and it kept many of you waiting without proper updates on what was being done and what was left to do. So even though I've contacted many of you personally, I'd like to take the time to apologize to everyone all at once. So as I said, I'd
like to take the final steps in making things right and getting a fresh start.

I promise this page will not be dormant, but see many new pieces uploaded. I've already begun posting new pieces in the gallery and back commissions that were finally completed. All new work will be handled properly with complete transparency on progress that you'll be able to come right here and see for yourself. You can all personally hold me to that. I want to do the right thing and become a positive part of the community, instead of becoming another dark part of it.

So with that said, I'd like to invite all of you who wish to have your refunds to send me a note in the following format:

 :bulletblack: Please title the note "Commission Refund" and include what you ordered and how much it came to.
 :bulletblack: Include your paypal address so I can check you off of my list and send you your refund

If you wish to have art from me, I'd be more than happy to begin fresh with you and work with you the right way -- however in order to earn your trust back, I'd first like to refund your money to you. The refund should happen first. It's only fair

Refunds Sent

This will be the checklist of all refunds that have been sent off. I will also be notifying each of you as I send your refund to you.

DeanGrayson Complete
toosexyforcontacts Complete
MachinexJunkie Complete
ZeroForever Complete
Chirutai Complete
infuscomus Complete
ShiningCookie Complete
hayden-desu Complete
Sennel Complete
cadefoster Complete
enduro Complete
Stygma19 Complete
greatdragonad Complete
spiral-paynt Complete
kayainu Complete
Jin-Kenshin *
Gojira-Yuki *
Anraiki *
Decadent-Cupcake *
SugaryInsanity *

I'd like to take care of this as soon as possible. Thank you all for listening and reading, and again, I'm sorry for taking so long. Thank you kindly to every last one of you for being patient and civil. I appreciate it, and I honestly want to get back to making more art to share with you and starting fresh.…

R.I.P Monty Oum
. You will be missed man. My condolences to all family, friends, and loved ones. I really enjoyed his animation work and how much passion he had for what he was doing. It was truly admirable and something we should all aim for. He lived his life, worked hard on his ambitions, and he was able to share his vision and ideas with the world. We would all be fortunate to be able to do the same.

God rest his soul.
I hope everyone had a fun one!

Now that it's over, it's immediately time for Christmas songs and Christmas trees everywhere...
Prepare yourselves, the next time you walk into a store, Christmas music will be waiting for you.

Just because it's over, doesn't mean we can't still can't talk about it though, so...

What did you guys do for Halloween?

Feel free to share your 2spooky experiences here!

I ended up hanging out with my cute gf and all our artist homies for a game night that ended with Five Nights at Freddy's (I'm sure you've all heard about this game by now)
We were going to stream it live, but ultimately we ended up just recording it. That may or may not be up soon for you guys to hear us screaming LOL.

Catch you guys next update.
...but like every update before it, I'm sure I'll get used to it after a while.

I'm not a fan of how everything is crammed into the right hand corner though.
Time to look up the community manager pages to see what kind of updates and options we have.

Come visit my other pages as well


Commissioners come See me at AX if you're in the area and get a free print of your choice!

Hello All! Man it’s been a while. Incase you don't follow my tumblr, I'm posting this here for you to see too.

I’ve been grinding it out in school, working on the Cryamore project, and toiling away improving my work so I can land a new job in Vancouver (where I currently am). Now that my classes are over, I’m free to do and draw as much as I want.

This means it’s time for Commission Updates, and artwork spam in general. I’ll be catching up with you all shortly!

As for this coming month, I’ll be at this years Anime Expo at the LA convention center. So like the caption said, If you have a current commission with me (doesn’t matter where or when you got it) if you happen to be around the LA area and are going to AX, Come see me in the Artist Alley and get one free print from me!

[you must have a commission with me in order to get a free print. I know who my commissioners are LOL.]

How do you get your free print?

All you have to do is let me know what your order was, and that’s it. You’re free to pick one print to keep. That’s it, That’s all

Commission updates and art posts will resume on July 10th - with the exception of those that are done but won’t be posted due to special reasons. You’ll be receiving yours through notes and email, and I won’t post them unless you give the okay.


Very quick update


Since a lot of the news I have to share is Commission related stuff, but I don't visit this page as often, I figure I should direct everyone
to my Tumblr <------ Follow this link

Most people are either asking about a commission, or wondering when they can receive it, So I decided that the easiest way for everyone to keep
track of what's happening, is to do updates via my Tumblr page.
(I contemplated getting a twitter for this, but I hate twitter LOL)

Current Commission in progress: :iconzombiesmile:

 photo wipforthemob.png

On tumblr I'll be posting:
:bulletblack: who's commission is currently being completed
:bulletblack: when I'll be posting it here
:bulletblack: and finally there'll be a wip of the commission in progress (when I have one to post)

I figure this is the easiest way for me to let people keep tabs on what's up while I'm busy so I don't have to bounce back and forth with constant random messages.

So let's try it out! Visit my Tumblr now and See the current and upcoming commission status.

Also, feel free to message me via notes here on DA, or via messages on Tumblr.

That's it for now, See you guys on Tumblr!


:bulletyellow: First off - shout outs to the awesome person that hooked me up with a sub! I already know who you are, and I have something nice I want to do for you.

Long time no journal, LOL. So I bet many of you have noticed there's been quite a bit of activity around there. That's because convention season is over for me!! I hope you all had a really good one this year. There are still a few left down the line, but a lot of the majors I went to are long gone.

With conventions and all other distractions out of the way, WE CAN BREATHE SOME LIFE INTO THIS PAGE, AND GET COMMISSIONS FOR EVERYONE!!

There's still some comic commissions, heavy metal chicks, original characters, and black and white commissions to be posted (I'm trying not to post too much so your inboxes don't explode) So if you recently sent a reminder note, no worries, I got it guys.


:bulletyellow:Now I'll only be taking 5 slots at a time, so if you're interested, just note with "Commission" in the subject line. I'll note you back with prices and we can go from there.


:bulletyellow:In response to some of the notes I have, I know some of you weren't able to come out and pick up the prints you wanted from me, so I'll just tell you - I STILL HAVE SOME PRINTS LEFT OVER!!!!

Right now I'm selling any prints I have left, these prints have got to go!

Here are the prints that are currently available for order.

Little Witch Academia Boss Battle by OverlordJC Road to Darkness by OverlordJC Gunner Yoko by OverlordJC Master Aqua: Descent into Darkness by OverlordJC P4: Yukiko by OverlordJC Help me by OverlordJC I WILL PROTECT YOU by OverlordJC 

All prints are $10.00. Buy 3 get one FREE!

+ Shipping*

If you find yourself interested in grabbing one or more, place an order with the following guidelines:
:bulletblack: Title your note "Print Order"
:bulletblack: Inside the note, list which prints you want to order
:bulletblack: Address Information (So the prints can be sent to you)

* Shipping is $3 for all orders, even international
:bulletyellow: When each batch is being sent out, there will be a journal update with each customer's name for that wave.

That's it for this update. It's great to be back and I hope everyone is enjoying the commission posts.

Oh - SleepOver will resume soon.

Kay later everyone.

LOL SleepOver has NOT been discontinued guys.

You may now untighten your intestines and stop with the sad notes LOL ;_; I need to keep notes clutter free so I can get the ones from commissioners. Sora's nonsensical nightime adventure with his babysitter, Rikku, will still continue.

I have to finish posting up commissions people have been waiting for for a long time, that has to come first guys! ( Gotta do the right thing ) Then I'll resume with the story.

Also while I have your attention - commissions are still closed until everyone who has been waiting for theirs is taken care of.
Remaining commissions will go up After AX (gives me time to finish the last ones) and commissions will reopen after that

Thanks for reading everyone, and thank you for the notes LOL, I must admit they were especially touching.
RIP Microsoft Xbox...


And of course I can't forget about Nomura's Final Fantasy Versus being reborn as Final Fantasy 15. A wise decision on Square's part. Let's keep it up Square, you're making me love you again.

That is all.
Okay, Real quick. I have caught up to the point where I can begin posting completed commissions for those of you who have been waiting patiently (or not so patiently). I thank you regardless of which camp you fall into.

For those of you who want refunds, YOU ARE CERTAINLY WELCOME TO THEM, good grief. I'll instruct you all on how to go about that shortly.

Now, as for what happened? I clearly and cleanly explained that in the previous journal. (go read it now if you have no idea what I'm talking about)

I am sorry as it's been a VERRRRYYYYY long time to wait, no doubt, and I apologize for missing my initial date for when I thought I'd be caught up. My bad - I really underestimated what it would take to meet the quality requirements I set for myself and what I promised. Because of all this, I didn't want to post again until I had stuff to show. So now here we are.

I will say it's not as bad as I thought, however. I was sure I'd step back in to a riot, and have to bring in the swat team, but everyone's actually been really orderly (save for a silly insult or two here and there). I really have a high class of watcher/commissioner, so for that, I again thank you deeply.

So let's take care of a few things:


LOL REALLY? I'm a real great thief alright - leaving this page up for people to freely comment and note me (note how not a single comment is hidden). Still using this account to communicate with new watchers and thank them, LINKING where else to find me on the net (even with shiny banners LOL) - including my FB? Yeah, real great "thief" I turned out to be, making it easy for you to keep track of me. You can save your loose definitions. If I really wanted to rob you guys blind, I'd delete this account, delete all the others, and assume a new identity. It's the internet, it's not hard LOL. Use your heads children.


I am sorry, but at the same time, not so much for some of you. My time is better spent working than giving you an excuse every other day. Would YOU rather have someone you've been waiting on come back with results? Or would you prefer them saying "sorry not today, but soon", "sorry not today cause of this, but soon". It gets old real fast.


Please feel free to take it back instead of raising hell, when there are people who are already paid and full, and are ahead of you. I said *take it back* hundreds of times, but you refused - so now I'm forcing you all to take it back.


I missed you too




Don't push it, but ty and I won't.

I think that pretty much covers it :)
Feel free to comment as always. I ALWAYS read them, even if I don't reply to them all.

Links to my other sites



Hey everyone. Sorry for missing out on your last update (I hope you didn't all start freakin' out) let me get you all up to speed.

:bulletyellow:  Commission news  :bulletyellow:

This is pretty much all the news I have for this update

So, last update I mentioned how there seems to have been a problem with the comic page commissions I was going to post. Well, sensing that there might be a greater problem, I decided to try and open the rest of the work I had saved. When I did, I found a lot of the same errors and came to the conclusion that it isn't just the files, there's something wrong with the actual program.

Many of you who watch me are familiar with the programs I use to create my work because I list it in the description or directly tell some of you when you ask. For those that don't know, I use a combination of Paint tool Sai an Photoshop.
Paint tool Sai creates more natural lines and strokes than Photoshop
Photoshop Is what I use to finish with details and effects.

Right now I can't open a majority of those files and get strange errors, so the programs had to be replaced. I tried asking a few knowledgeable friends for advice, but we ultimately ended up at the same conclusion - so much of my absence was due to me scrambling to replace my corrupt digital art program and begin the painstaking job of REDRAWING multiple commissions (Never a fun thing to do when you're lagging behind already, and you have a birthday gift due) Thankfully I was able to save some things, and I managed to save my birthday gift drawing *You can see that on tumblr

So now we are looking at Saturday Dec 22nd

[edit] Feb, 1st

That's it for now. As always, thanks for reading, and thank you to those who remained patient until I could give an update :) If there are any additional updates, I will just update this entry. Take care for now everyone (my arm's going to fall off)

Links to my other sites


Hey everyone, new watchers and old. Welcome to a new model I'm trying to keep you all abridged of what's going on around here : )

Every week there will be a new journal letting you know what's about to happen, what's happened, and any other interesting tidbits I feel like sharing with you all. Let's get to it.


:bulletyellow: First we have some Commission news  :bulletyellow:

Due to some technical issues, last week's update is being moved to Friday Dec 7th Sorry about that guys. If I don't have to completely redraw this, I'll make a quick edit post, but otherwise, we're lookin' at friday.

For those that don't know or are new to the page
All of my Commission posts will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week (save for this week). People know when they can expect to see commission posts each week, and I won't be clogging up your inboxes, giving each commission its own time to shine!

:bulletblack: Be sure and visit the commissioner's pages and projects too, everyone. There will always be a link and a small description in the artist description space.

:bulletblack: The current commission update schedule is as follows:
Comic commissions will be posted first
Full color CG commissions will be posted next
B&W commissions will be rounding out the final commission posts.

Commissions are currently closed until I'm done posting the outstanding commissions first :)

:bulletyellow: Submission Update news :bulletyellow:

:bulletblack: So I know some of you have noticed that the commission posts are every other day on the schedule. Why is that? Well, the remaining days will be used to complete the other part of my updating schedule.

Tuesdays Will be Original Tuesdays. If I have any Original work to share, I'll post it up that day! (This will be a new one for everyone that doesn't follow my tumblr)

Thursdays Will be now be Fan Art Thursdays. If I have any Fanart to share, you'll see it on thursdays!

Saturdays Will be SleepOver Saturdays! SleepOver comic updates will be every Saturday. School will be out for the weekend, so what better day to have a sleepover? (are you loving these titles yet?)

But JC, what about Sundays?

Sundays Will be Preview Sundays Every Sunday, there may be a chance of me posting a preview for what's to come for the following week - Provided I have one to share.

:bulletyellow: In the Future :bulletyellow:

You can expect to see other categories in these updates, like:
- Fighting Games (they're a big part of my life and I'm apart of that community as well)
- RPG news
- Updates about myself, and getting to know one another
- Any topical rants about fandoms and other things
- Animation news
- Q&A sessions
- and Features!

I hope to make this a page that people don't mind spending time on, one with lots of content to check out or look forward to, and one that everyone feels welcome to visit and comment on - no matter where you're from, who you are, or what you believe.

:bulletyellow: Closing remarks :bulletyellow:

That's it for this week's update guys. Thanks for coming to read!
I'd love to hear some feedback from you guys. Would you like this sorta thing each week? Anything more you'd want to see? Anything you don't want to see? LOL
Whatever it may be, share with me and let me hear what you think. I want to continually improve over time, and your feedback will help me get there.

Links to my other sites


Even if you aren't celebrating it where you live, I hope everyone is doing well and in good health.

I've missed this place and you guys dearly! DA will always be my digital home, and I will argue with anyone that I have the best watchers on the net.

Okay, now that the gushing is over, let's get some quick updates going

Q: JC, It's been like 4 months dude, where the hell have you been man?

A: Well, there are times when things go your way, and then there are times when life smacks you in the face for sport.

- School issues
- Filing paper work/residency papers/visa applications x2/school forms/tax documents/Resume
- Home infestation
- Having to make a new portfolio
- Moving everything
- isp disputes
- Trying to land a new job

A quick word of advice to you all: Even if it takes you additional time, find another way to pay for school other than resting your hopes on a STUDENT LOAN. DON'T DO IT, at least not in the state the world is in today. You will regret it forever, dead serious. I don't know how other countries do it, but if you're an American, it will crush you and everyone you love. Now, if you still feel like a loan is the only way, then AT LEAST listen to this bit: AVOID SALLIE MAE LIKE THE PLAGUE THEY WILL END YOU. Thankfully I was able to avoid them, but I don't want to see anyone else get in trouble with them.

For the most part, most of these items are settled, so I can focus on getting caught up with some other responsibilities, which is why you see this journal now : )

Q: Hey JC, What happen to commissions? We're still kinda waiting here

A: I know, I know. I'm really sorry for leaving you guys hanging. I tried to make some small updates on tumblr when I could, but I realize most of you guys don't follow me there.

SO, anyone still waiting for pages, sketches, full CGs, refunds, anything of that nature, expect a note coming your way with when your stuff will be posted : )

Since there's a lot to post, and a few things I have to finish painting here and there - Next week, starting Monday 26th of Nov I'm going to start uploading a commission every other day, starting with the Comic Page Commissions. You will be noted BEFORE I post it, giving you the chance to opt out of having it shared here. There are also some commissions I CAN'T share here because of the site's ToS.

Here's a cap of what you can hope to see uploaded Next week:




The uploading will continue until they're all posted. Why every other day? Because I don't like submissions dumps - everyone's ideas get equal time to be on display instead of getting lost in the inbox, no exceptions.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I also appreciate many of you being patient, and to thank you for that patience, I'd like to offer each commissioner who is still waiting a free gift. Once your commission is done you will receive a free B&W picture of whatever you want.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Q: Hey JC, Did you quit SleepOver? Please do more pages! Why have you forsaken us?

Relax guys, SleepOver isn't going anywhere. There are still 4 acts left and many more surprises waiting for you.

This was a pretty big update, but it's still not the BIG one yet. I wanted to fill you guys in cause I know how you all worry (okay not really, you just wanna see your sh!t)

so for the record I'm officially back, back. You may now all begin cheering, yelling at me, swearing angrily, mobbing, crying, throwing tomatoes, freakin' out :)

Links to my other sites

Quick update for everyone. (No I'm not dead) I'm back and done with conventions for the season but I'm not officially back just yet. I want to take this chance to thank everyone who went to either Otakon or Anime Revolution, and stopped by to say hi or pick something up.

I'll have some pretty


updates for pretty much everything (Yes that includes more sleepover pages and commissions) As well as complete convention reports and the big Commission dump that's about to happen ( I apologize to your inboxes now )

I see all of your messages and notes guys, dont' worry, I'll get to those too - I've been out of town a LOT recently, and there's been a bit of moving going on.

My inbox currently looks like this:
4,445 (650 notes) <--


I hadn't drawn in weeks, so I've gotten pretty rusty so I've got to go in on some practice stuff(like real artists do)

I appreciate all of the hype and well-wishes guys, and I mega appreciate the patience everyone. I know you're all hype/nervous/anxious/excited for comic pages, your commissions new and old, and new animated content that's coming, so just hang tight a little longer guys. It's coming, it's aaaaalllllll coming LOL. Real talk - This will probably be the biggest update my page has ever seen.

In the mean time, if you can't wait, and you want an art fix before the large tidal wave, and to see all of my scrap/practice/portfolio stuff I've been doing at the same time, feel free to drop by my tumblr page.

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If you missed out on nabbing a spot in the first batch, here's your chance to get a spot
in the last batch of the Half Price Summer Commission Sale. After this round, the sale is over!

Spots are first come first serve.

To get a commission, please :iconnoteplz: note me for details : )

Examples of commissions

color commissions

Edac and Owen by OverlordJC Gunner Yoko by OverlordJC Thou art I and I art thou by OverlordJC Commission: Shinigami Amadalia Moonsong by OverlordJC Master Aqua: Descent into Darkness by OverlordJC Commission Work: Seizui by OverlordJC Commission Work: FallenAngelGM by OverlordJC SoulCalibur V Commission Work: Kukki Usagi by OverlordJC

Black & White commissions

Comic commission: Kiome-Yasha PT2 by OverlordJC Soda by OverlordJC :thumb168660048: :thumb164093301:

Get 'em while they're hot!

Previous batch commissions will be posted in the gallery throughout the next week! So keep an eye out for yours. All commissioners are noted before hand to ensure that it's okay to have their commission posted for everyone to see