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SleepOver PG: 29

By OverlordJC
SleepOver PG: 29

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Sora's ready to take things to the next level with his ultimate defense piercing attack!

SleepOver Fun Facts

Zantetsuken [Iron Cutting Sword] Is Sora's most powerful defense piercing special attack. It's a blindingly fast disarming slash that could rend nearly anything in two. (tho the pillow form is much less deadly and would probably just result in a slight concussion)

In Final Fantasy lore, Zantetsuken was the crushingly powerful skill executed by the Eidolon, Odin. It almost always resulted in a one-hit KO.

Sora first learned the ability through use of Sleights during his journey through Castle Oblivion. Since then, the skill has stayed with him and has become far more powerful.

Tools: Tablet | Photoshop CS 3

Artwork by: OverlordJC
Sora, Kairi, Yuffie, Rikku, & Yuna © Tetsuya Nomura/ Square Enix
Sheena Fujibayashi © Kosuke Fujishima/ Namco

Pink Lighting © FF13, Fabulous thunderstorms everywhere.
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© 2012 - 2021 OverlordJC
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Sooo... when's the next part?

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Okay so i just read the entire pages on the first and this one and i have to say that this is the best series i have ever read and i hope i get to see more of this. You have done an amazingly spectacular job on this and its so cute at the same time. Please keep up the good work and never stop doing this.

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How long for next page
metelsnake45's avatar
ITS! AWSOME! when does the next one come out eeee
Awesome, Zantetsuken taking down three in one go!
Silver-Alopex's avatar
is this dead?  IT CANNOT BE!
OverlordJC's avatar
Check out my latest journal entries to find out how you can keep the comic going!
Thank you for being a reader also! :wave:
Silver-Alopex's avatar
I will do it for sure
chrony7's avatar
Of course he'd use Zantets. Talk about savage. he could have used alot of other skills. But nope. Zantetsuken.

Pillow fight or not. Sora some hero you are. =I
still hurts to this day that this was discontinued 
Nightshade1712's avatar
Are we going to see more of this? This story is awesome!!!
I need more! Is more coming soon?
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Awesome story so far. Here's hoping you continue this!
codtronxx9's avatar
Sora is truly a badass if he can use all his learned abillities with pillow
FallenAngelGM's avatar
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Where's the new page?
OverlordJC's avatar
It's been on hold for a while, but new pages are coming!
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When is the next page coming out? It's been almost 4 years.
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I love these. Will you ever make more?
OverlordJC's avatar
Yes, I'll be continuing the story very soon! Thank you :)
Billybobjoeman's avatar
Yay! Also, a note about the description. "Pink Lightning FFXIII, Fabulous thunderstorms" Not meaning to sound like it probably does, but why no Jacksepticeye joke?
OverlordJC's avatar
I pretty much go with the first joke that pops in my head for these. It's all improv!
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