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Daily Illustration: Millia Rage


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Daily Illustration: Millia Rage

Getting hype for Guilty Gear Strive! I want a PS5 for it but
finding one has about the same drop rate as a perfect IV shiny. I'll be on PC
till I track one down

Thanks for viewing as always!

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Amazing work as always!

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when I see this I think of space russians for some reason

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She's a beauty. ;)

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Wow this is beautiful! You've mastered the art of fold/fabric shape designs. Something i'm definitely striving to work on. So much movement and energy!

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The detail in this piece is immense; you're clearly a very talented artist! As for Strive, you know you can play it on PlayStation 4, right? It may not be quite as high-def as the PS5 version, but certainly cheaper... I'm a huge Guilty Gear fan myself, but I don't have $1000 to spend on a new console at the moment. :)

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Her hand in foreshortening is really well made and gives this piece a whole different dimention and perspective. I adore the colors too <3

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Amazing work! I want to play Guilty Gear Strive because the art style is so cool but I'm perpetually bad at fighting games haha

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Yo Matt! Thank you :)

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Of course! And you gotta follow Wario64 and turn on notifs for the PS5; that's how I got mine at launch.

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Your welcome 🙏

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