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cospro a new generation

Let me start by introducing a new name to the costume world, I call it 'Cospro' meaning people that take their costumes that one step further to a more professional level. I am sure there are thousands of us out there and alls it needs is a name and to be recognised as a extremely talented art form in its self. So I am going to start the ball rolling and hope with the people that do it on a higher level we can start a new movement that is already out there with name to identify it with. Cospro - you heard it here first. let's get behind it. I can see that this cospro title has either caused people to love it or hate it. It was not meant to come across as arrogant as some people have suggested, however I am just distinguishing people that take their costume a stage further. Also to state that the cosplay world is now moving into a new era, admittadly before now it was mainly deemed as a hobby that some people would say was for nerds, I don't like this term and it is certainly not the case here. Alls I am trying to do here is get people credit and the respect they deserve and the term 'cospro' is just a term to cover this. No more, no less.

I have creatored designer and co designed most of my costumes. I use certain talented individuals to bring my ideas to life,and sometimes craft them my self. Alot of the pieces on this costume are completely new to the steampunk world which i designed and co designed and wanted to bring to life, etc. Full mechanical steampunk leg, full mechanical arm with epaulette shoulder cannon, back pack and chest armour with shoulder cannon combined, these are all what we have designed and co designed. and i however like I stated I maticously designed and co designed this whole project and together me organic armor/ samual lee/ hemingway/ skinz-n-hydez./.archead have worked no designing and construcking this project together and still have more surprises in store and when the full suit has been designed and made it will be go through at least another 2 processes which really will be taking to a whole new level. So watch this space.
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