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Chibi Kogasa and Super Saiyan Bardock by overlibertyshead Chibi Kogasa and Super Saiyan Bardock :iconoverlibertyshead:overlibertyshead 2 0
Sanctuary of Shelled Embryo : A Touhou Fanfic
Sanctuary Of Shelled Embryo : A Touhou Fanfic
Reimu stared into the abyss.  It was a swirling black portal that seemed to have forced its way into existence, the sky behind it being partially covered in black lines that cut through the abnormally purple clouds like glass.
She lowered herself onto one of the many pieces of floating debris that formed rings orbiting around the abnormality. She tried to see into the other side, but whenever she thought she saw something she quickly dismissed it as her eyes playing tricks with her.
Though her instincts didn't quite pick anything up, she felt uncomfortable due to the warning Yukari gave her. Though she didn't quite understand it, she was told that it wasn't exactly a force of evil at work, but still it was something that found petty and degenerate acts to be its source of amusement.
Reimu didn't quite understand either why Yukari decided to send her to deal with the threat. Usually, she would have decided to play along with Yuka
:iconoverlibertyshead:overlibertyshead 1 2
Walfas TCG : Preview Cards by overlibertyshead Walfas TCG : Preview Cards :iconoverlibertyshead:overlibertyshead 4 7 Lonely Soul on a Blue Moon by overlibertyshead Lonely Soul on a Blue Moon :iconoverlibertyshead:overlibertyshead 7 0 I'm fine here by overlibertyshead I'm fine here :iconoverlibertyshead:overlibertyshead 3 2 150% by overlibertyshead 150% :iconoverlibertyshead:overlibertyshead 4 1 A serious magician by overlibertyshead A serious magician :iconoverlibertyshead:overlibertyshead 13 0 Next Time, I'll Beat You For Sure! by overlibertyshead Next Time, I'll Beat You For Sure! :iconoverlibertyshead:overlibertyshead 12 2 Super Half-Ghost Kamikaze Attack....? by overlibertyshead Super Half-Ghost Kamikaze Attack....? :iconoverlibertyshead:overlibertyshead 3 1 Fade away to... by overlibertyshead Fade away to... :iconoverlibertyshead:overlibertyshead 10 3 Super social awkwardness powers, go! by overlibertyshead Super social awkwardness powers, go! :iconoverlibertyshead:overlibertyshead 10 3 Teardrop by overlibertyshead Teardrop :iconoverlibertyshead:overlibertyshead 15 3 Yes, Cirno, you're almost there! by overlibertyshead Yes, Cirno, you're almost there! :iconoverlibertyshead:overlibertyshead 3 0 So about Reisen's hair... by overlibertyshead So about Reisen's hair... :iconoverlibertyshead:overlibertyshead 16 15 Keine-sensei by overlibertyshead Keine-sensei :iconoverlibertyshead:overlibertyshead 4 0 Sanae sums up the gatcha gaming experience by overlibertyshead Sanae sums up the gatcha gaming experience :iconoverlibertyshead:overlibertyshead 4 0


Three Beauties of the Gensoukyou by smen1884 Three Beauties of the Gensoukyou :iconsmen1884:smen1884 65 13 Gregory Clifford by Hazama-Yuutou Gregory Clifford :iconhazama-yuutou:Hazama-Yuutou 5 1 Akira Toriyama Style Toyosatomimi no Miko by smen1884 Akira Toriyama Style Toyosatomimi no Miko :iconsmen1884:smen1884 12 2 EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree HORN VS DENSE ICE by Dave-Shino EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree HORN VS DENSE ICE :icondave-shino:Dave-Shino 95 13
Destiny of Dentata, Chapter Two
~Headcanon of the Week~
Remilia met Patchouli at a mob cap convention. Yukari was there too.
~Chapter Two: This Is a Pretty Average Day for Marisa~
Marisa's mini-hakkero glowed white-hot. A beam of pure energy lanced out over the swamp, sending a shower of murky, steaming water and burnt reeds high into the air. A wall of sound and heat blasted over Marisa, bringing with it the warm, earthy smell of burnt peat.
Marisa waited a few seconds before stepping gingerly onto the blackened mud. It felt hard, so, just to make sure, she jumped, her shoes thumping down upon rock-solid earth.
You've outdone yourself this time, you incredibly beautiful sorceress! Those mushrooms are as good as mine!
...Wait, if I'm the one who's outdone myself, how come you get the mushrooms?
It was a figure of speech, you twit. You're me.
Oh, yeah. Right.
Chuckling away to herself, Marisa trotted acr
:iconaardvark1998:Aardvark1998 1 2
crappy vegebul doodle by dbz-senpai crappy vegebul doodle :icondbz-senpai:dbz-senpai 66 18 Author Avatar Redraw by Michirin9801 Author Avatar Redraw :iconmichirin9801:Michirin9801 35 45
Destiny of Dentata, Chapter One
Reimu Hakurei is not having a good day. It started out so well, too; not even Yukari could dampen her mood before the three youkai hell-bent on having Gensokyo for a slap-up meal came along. With only a beloved witch, a Chinese gardener and an unwanted ice fairy by her side, Reimu must face the greatest challenge of her career, and hopefully get a decent night's sleep before she and Marisa go stir-crazy...
For the purposes of this story, Reimu is voiced by Emma Watson and/or Yui Ishikawa. Marisa is voiced by Veronica Taylor and/or Rica Matsumoto. Meiling should ideally be a Yorkshirewoman.
~Chapter One: The Midnight Feast~
One fine Spring day, Reimu Hakurei came sauntering into town with a large, dark wooden box on her head and a huge smile on her face. The townsfolk stared in amazement as she leapt into the air, screaming for joy, and cartwheeled down the high street with her box held firmly in place. They knew
:iconaardvark1998:Aardvark1998 1 5
AT: hawt buggy by dbz-senpai AT: hawt buggy :icondbz-senpai:dbz-senpai 98 27 Vampire Season by Kunochai Vampire Season :iconkunochai:Kunochai 69 11 My Eye is Open by fahmi4869
Mature content
My Eye is Open :iconfahmi4869:fahmi4869 19 2
Walfas Celestina - Download! by Hazama-Yuutou Walfas Celestina - Download! :iconhazama-yuutou:Hazama-Yuutou 12 5 Rain by Abdul-Galaxia Rain :iconabdul-galaxia:Abdul-Galaxia 12 1 ZUN-styled Celestina! by Hazama-Yuutou ZUN-styled Celestina! :iconhazama-yuutou:Hazama-Yuutou 9 10 Futatsuiwa Mamizou by Hazama-Yuutou Futatsuiwa Mamizou :iconhazama-yuutou:Hazama-Yuutou 7 3 Of the Purest Grudge by Hazama-Yuutou Of the Purest Grudge :iconhazama-yuutou:Hazama-Yuutou 25 6




Okay so, first thing to get out of the way. The servers were horrible, open beta being up for only a short while didn't help matters considering actually getting lucky enough to log into the game and NOT get disconnected is more of a challenge than clearing XV1 in the first place. Of course then there's this message telling the players to enter offline mode despite the fact that you need to connect to go offline in the first place in the beta.

Okay, so now onto the game itself... the changes are small but they do add up. Of course the thing people have been talking about is the improved hit detection, it still isn't perfect, however you're at least able to land a huge majority of your combos reliably now.... when you're playing against the CPU at least, we'll get to online later. The combo system itself still has some glaring flaws, mainly with how it has no depth, you can chain everything into anything and of course how combos are way too easy to escape from... but with the moves becoming flashier and the combos becoming more precise, they're much more fun to pull. 

My favorite change to the combat system has to be the improved basic ki blasts however. In Xenoverse 1 and a lot of Dragonball Z games, basic ki blasts were almost useless for anything that wasn't chipping or being a cancel device for combos, however here they can be pretty devastating if used correctly. Their tracking and damage has been improved and the stun they do is pretty insane for a free action (almost) any character can pull. Not only are they great zoning/keepaway tools, but with the right timing you can use them to hit your opponent during combos and dash in to extend the combo. For all the flaws in the combat system, I personally think this is the best ki blast system in any DB game so far.

As for the moves themselves, nothing has really changed much. The awoken skill system is a step up from what we had in Xenoverse 1 but since I only had time to play as a saiyan I can't really say how much, heck I didn't even manage to fully figure out how super saiyan transformations worked. But it's good to know every race has a transformation, they're varied, and they no longer eat up an ultimate slot.

Outside the fighting, Conton City completely blows the piece of shit that is Toki Toki City out of the water. It's huge but with the transportation methods you're granted it takes ironically less time to make your way around Conton than Toki Toki. There are plenty of NPCs who serve a purpose and they have more interesting things to say even if they don't. The environment is varied and interesting thanks to the introduction of time rifts and the designers stepping up their game. Even though it's just a hub city, it really makes the game feel much more complete than Toki Toki City which I got sick of walking around by the time I cleared XV1's story.

Now on to the online...I get that this is a stress test but the netcoding guys at Dimps better get working. Everybody I played had 1 bar for some strange reason and that probably wasn't what was actually going on. The matches range from being playable with a few hiccups to matches where the lag is so bad you have NO idea of what's going on. Also I don't get it... what's the point of making matches ranked if the host can kick you? I mean, part competitive play is to be able to face against any random opponent you're picked with so if the host is feeling a bit cowardly when they see a big name or they're using a friend/alt account to exploit for points, then doesn't the ranked play kind of lose meaning?

I only managed to get into one Co-Op PQ, it ran smoothly but it wasn't anything to talk about considering my partner was having a bit of trouble fighting against....Appule. The abysmal drop rates seem to still be present in PQs but at least you're guaranteed an ultimate finish if you fulfill the conditions so it's less painful at least.

Despite all the flaws, Xenoverse 2 is shaping up to be pretty good in my opinion. It's building up to be "what Xenoverse 1 was supposed to be" and a bit more than that. I probably won't be able to get it immediately when it comes out, but I'm looking forward to when I can.


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Hello, Overlibertyshead here, or Shed, as some call me. I like making things. I'm interested in video games, specifically RPG games, fighting games, tabletop games and card games, but I'm not very good at any of those things.

Oh I really like Touhou by the way.

Walfas DNA ; 3.39:whatevernameyouwant:194:0:61:297:95:96:4:71:0:113:0:000000


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