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John Buscema
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The Unforgiven
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Any one about Survivalism.
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Lord of the Rings, History of Warfare, Dark Tower
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Day of Defeat, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age
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PC enthusiast.
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Alcohol, tobacco and firearms
Daily Deviation for me! How cool is that? 1000 pageviews in one day. This is really awesome. I would like to thank ~Acaciathorn (https://www.deviantart.com/acaciathorn) for the suggestion and :iconHyazintha:. =D Thanks a lot for all the comments, favorites and visits. Cheers folks!!!
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Bobby Chiu - Meeting and Greeting With Artists. Próxima segunda-feira, dia 06/02, combinei um encontro com Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera e Stephen Silver, no Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Rio de Janeiro. Vai ser um bate papo descontraído e informal, onde eles irão mostrar trabalhos, e conversaremos sobre arte, ilustração, mercado de trabalho, etc.. O encontro é gratuito e aberto a todos que desejarem ir, onde eles poderão responder eventuais perguntas da platéia. O endereço do encontro é: Omega Curso de Arte - Rua Almirante Ary Rongel, 471, Loja 103. O telefone é (021)2497-3033. Por favor, con
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Hello guys! I'm painting live now on http://www.livestream.com/overdrivezero?t=490864 I need some opinions about some paintings I'm doing. Be welcome! =D Thank you a lot guys! Have a nice day! Cheers.
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Have you ever been asked to do a book cover?
Hello, old friend! I'm so sorry I haven't been around lately. Are you still in Brazil? Did you get a chance to see the U.S.?
Hello there!!!! Its been a long time!
How are you? Any good news? Drawing a lot lately?

Yeah, still in Brazil, unfortunately. Not that I don't have a choice. Since I have Portuguese citizenship, I am free to live legally anywhere in Europe. As I already did in the past (8 months in London).
But I am enjoying the good points in having family and other amenities in a country you know and were born. I now have a small business I'm trying to make money from it. 
Besides, I am not really found of some European ways. 

But I did have some chances to visit the US. Actually 3 times. One big trip across San Francisco-LA-Vegas-Grand Canyon plus a few days in Orlando, FL back in 2011, the second between Portland-Seattle-Vancouver in 2013 and I just came back two days ago from the third one, which was a few days in Miami, then Washington-Philly-NY-Boston. Excellent trips I might say. Makes me think seriously about finding a way to legally immigrate to US. I just don't know how yet. Probably I will try to open a business there by expanding the operation I have here. I was thinking about pursuing a PhD, but I would take me another 4 years of study for something I don't really have interest on it. I don't want to waste time on academic studies for a opportunity to live in another country, even though I really like it. Therefore I am focusing on raising enough money, or to become able to finance my own initiative there. Since I already worked as an unskilled immigrant in the UK (before I finished my college degree), I know the struggle that is to support yourself just with good attitude and the energy of youth. With age comes some sense of value to comfort and you become too spoiled to accept any condition for the sake of change or adventure. And to immigrate illegally would be to betray the very same things I enjoy there, such as the strong ethics, respect for the law and high civilized standards. 

I think I exaggerated my explanation, but yeah... that's it. =D 
Wow, you are well-traveled! I'm jealous. There are still a lot of places I'd love to see! When you were supporting yourself with "a good attitude and the energy of youth," where were you working? Food service?

In answer to your question, I have been working on my art and improving a bit, but I'm always looking for suggestions, advice, and insight.

Ah, I would love to visit London and talk about English dialects with someone someday. My only fear is that people much more knowledgeable than me will feel they have to vent their feelings about American politics on me. Bah! Politics are bull.

"Strong ethics, respect for the law and high civilized standards" aren't really how I would describe my culture, but I suppose these things can be relative. I do understand and respect the need for borders and legal immigration, but there are definitely a lot of people out there who I would sneak into the country if I could. :)

If you visit the States again and need a place to crash, let me know! I currently live in Indiana, but will possibly be moving to North Dakota in a few months.
Hi there!
Travelling is awesome! The only bad part is coming back home and facing the dreadful $5K credit card bill. This is not so funny. Believe me.
But, as a travelling junky I am always looking for the next adventure! =D

In London I worked in several different places, and in different positions. I worked on a PUB (urgh!), on a money transfer agency (funny and easy, but terrible to learn English) and as a door keeper (best job! Easy, and excellent money just to stay there and study your English).

Your artwork has improved a lot! Specially your drawing skills. If I were you I would focus my attention on studying color. Your skin colors are sometimes a little bit muddy and too much to green and yellow ochre hues. But your progress is really beautiful to see. Just try to reproduce some drawings from other artists that are better in color than you, and try to bring this knowledge to your own work. You will improve hastily! You are a fast learner. =D

London is an amazing city! I just  loved it! I lived there for 8 months and I loved everything there! People complain about the weather, but I loved it! Here in Brazil its always 100 F!!! Always humid, always hot, always sweaty!! I just hate it!
Indeed you will find several annoying socialist brits  being very pesky about politics. Just ignore them. They are usually young and stupid. Just send they to talk to eastern europeans for a crash course on the realities of the marxist experience. Its usually insightful! You should try sometimes. Talk to exiled Iraqis. They used to tell me that Bush was their best president ever! Interesting, isn't it?

By the other hand, the old folks are amazingly friendly and intelligent. Their posh accent are so charming! Try to visit small towns. People are so friendly you won't believe it!
But politics will not be a problem there. People are usually very respectful in Britain. 

You americans usually have a very wrong idea about people around the world. I am a third world foreigner, and as such, I'm not so strongly restrained by the divine laws of political correctness as you guys are. Therefore I am not that shy to say that you Americans and Britains, are, in general, the most respectful, polite and honest folks I have ever encountered in my travels.
This of course, as a group.  You find special individuals on the most odd places and occasions.
To make my point clear, any form of racism is stupid, but in my opinion, some groups have a better culture than others, and usually groups are linked by race for geographic reasons. Don't blame race, or skin color or country of origin. Blame the local cultures with their drawbacks. 

I do agree you guys have an awful immigration policy. Illegals have lots of protection while they are illegals and not adjusted to the society. But if you are trying to immigrate legally there are not clear rules, no way to find legal jobs and to buy legal properties.  You have to explore breaches on the legal system. You cannot predict anything, and unless you have 1 million dollars, a PhD or you managed somehow to seduce some native female with cold heart and all the second intentions to use her, there ain't pretty much no clear path to go. Sad...

Thank you very much!!!! You are very kind! North Dakota is probably a wonderful place! Beautiful nature over there. You are a lucky one. =D
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