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OverClocked Deviants

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It seems like a good idea to try out using this group as an extension to aid in creating art for various remix album projects. Its not entirely clear if this idea will work well or not. I have a fear that it would be hard to host requests for all the remix albums and remain impartial and fair. However, its worth trying to see if theres even a response before the idea is written off.

Mirby needs artists for the Cid tribute album! What she's looking for is a work for each of the varying Cids throughout the Final Fantasy series. Note that the only Cid that has been claimed thus far is: Cid Del Norte Marquez(ff6). I myself (Esperado) plan to try my hand at Cid Highwind (FF7)and/or Cid Haze (FF3), but its by no means an official claim until i have substantial WIPs done.

The remaining Cids are up for grabs! The thread for the album/ list of Cids is here:…

Thanks either way OCDeviants and good luck to Mirby on her quest!
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