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Ships of the Larent, group 1 by over2sd Ships of the Larent, group 1 by over2sd
Here are three ship models. From left to right in each snapshot are the L1-fe expeditious freighter "Noel Coward", the L2-fe expeditious freighter "John Locke", and the L2-tc courier transport "Demosthenes" class ships. UL is the three ships in a space environment. UR is the ships from the side. LL is the back side of the ships. And LR is the top view, side by side to show relative scale.
These are low-poly models, since I made them to display at very low resolution.

Problem with the file? Could this have been better? Tell me how.

Scale for these models is indeterminate, except that they're big. The L1-fe holds roughly 57 tons of ore freight, as well as light armaments.
Blender version 2.72b

Although I forgot to put the stamp on the preview, This model is Public Domain (or CC-0, if there's no PD in your location, or CC-by, if all else fails), so do what you want with it. You don't even need to give me attribution. Just don't claim you made it yourself. If anyone asks, or if you wish to attribute the model, "some guy on dA" will be sufficient.
Although nothing is required to use my models, I would appreciate a comment if you do use it, so I can see how much my models are being used. And please don't charge for this model.
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June 6, 2018
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