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Maybe you are in the bimbofication process yourself. Maybe you are preparing the computer for your bimbo.

There is too much information on the screen now. Please press ctrl and + for a correction. (Target: Avoid confusion, Slow down the mind, Slow down any activity at computer)

You are using the default web browser, right? Like Edge in Windows. Bimbos can not install other applications. (Target: No tech/smart skills)

Make everything else bigger so it is easier to find and there is not too much in the same time. Increase the size of Icons/Buttons/Text everywhere. [Windows 10: Right click desktop and Display settings]

Put shortcuts on desktop which are easy to understand. MicroSoft Edge - rename it to Edge or Facebook... It should be clear which activity follows. (Target: Reduce thinking time)

No Google, no searching, only bookmarks. (Target: Avoid finding confusing content. Avoid learning something new which is useless for bimbo. There is not enough space in bimbo's brain.)

Choose websites with gossips, fashion, shopping....

something to look, not too much reading.

Find mouse settings and reduce the scroll and move speed. Choose the biggest cursor. (Target: Slow down the mind and all activities)

Find keyboard settings and reduce speeds when characters are repeated and how fast. (Target: Slow down)

Find Accessibility settings and further adjust mouse and keypad settings. I would highlight here the press filtering that you have to press the key for 0,3 - 2s before it is accepted. (Target: Slow down, Force to write in short simple words, Force to write just simple ideas)

[Windows 10 - there is usually more options if you access settings via Control Panel]

Bimbos are unable to write with 10 fingers. They have to look on keyboard to write something. One finger at time.

No mistake correction. It takes too much time to use backspace.

Switch off spell correction everywhere.

Choose some girly colours/themes.

Download bimbo art from DevianArt and set Presentation on Background.

Switching the computer on and off is a dangerous process for bimbo. Somebody else should do it. (Target: No tech, Reduce/control computer time)

Use simple passwords and use them to reinforce bimbolife. Password: cookandclean, besilent, obeymaster .... Write them on paper or store them on desktop.

And remember if you are bimbo to find a (boy)friend who can help you with the computer. Don't try to fix it yourself.

And now back to you smart guys. Web browsers extension allows to have even more fun. You can ignore my advice with default OS browser. Find World Replacer for Google Chrome and set changes th - d, y - i, ll - l, mm - m, cc - c, rr - r, ss - s, pp - p, s - z, t - th (If you are native speaker then recommend other changes in comments.)

This is huge. You will see bimbo speech everywhere. Bimbo will learn to mistype words. Bimbo will slow down. It is hard to read such text.

Use your smartness or remaining smartness to make a proper bimbo. I am looking forward to hear your ideas for bimbofication in the real life.
Feel free to use ideas in your art. I appreciate if you inform me as I will probably like what you will create.

Maybe you have another ideas? Please share them in comments.

One more advice for weaker bimbos: Create a new user at your computer where you apply these advices. I am doing it right now. I hope to apply them all. I will just avoid keyboard filtering for longer articles here.
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I wonder if this would work on a Chromebook. I want to do this before I start so that way I don't have to find someone to do it for me. Besides that I would love to do this so very much!