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Wow, I wrote that all super fast. I guess I'm just getting super excited on how the series is going on so far. I hope the series gets more epic to all of you around Episode 8. By the way, the season finale is most likely planned to be Episode 16 or 17. Just saying. That's only less than a week, a think.
If you are a fan of the series, or have read a few episodes, please tell me what you think of the series in the comments below! I would appreciate the feedback!
If you want your character to be in the next season of ()v@!$, join the following contest and follow the rules below:

Rule 1 : You can only submit one character idea.
Rule 2 : Don't make it super uber powerful that it's a troll thing.
Rule 3 : Must have all the fields filled out before submission.
Rule 4 : Cannot have any copyright to other shows that already exist.
Rule 5 : Do NOT steal other peoples ideas.

Enter your character information here:

BIO (Description, talk about the powers the character has, it's story, and all the important bits. Do not say if it is going to die in the series or anything future related.) :

*optional but recommended : Give us a link that shows us a drawing of your character:
Link :

Here are the prizes:
Love1st place : Points20 + +favon drawing + HeartWatch + deviantART GroupsBecomes a main character and join and important part of the plot + deviantARTJoin admin of the club

:D (Big Grin)2nd place : Points10 + +favon drawing + HeartWatch + deviantART GroupsBecomes a bit of a side character but will join some of the plot

:) (Smile)3rd place : +favon drawing + HeartWatch + deviantART GroupsBecomes a side character overall and appears in most episodes

:| (Blank Stare)4th place : +favon drawing + deviantART GroupsBecomes a side character and appears in a few episodes

:( (Sad)5th place : +favon drawing + deviantART GroupsNever appears but is mentioned in the series as a character

Waaaah!6th place : deviantART GroupsIs mentioned in the season finale's credits as a participant, so the character doesn't not exist completely!

This contest ends June 6th, so act fast for whoever wishes to join!
Submissions already:
*no submissions!
I managed to find some room for episode making so they should be back to daily releases. I may hit a few road blocks, so expect a few stops here and there, but I will never stop making episodes, I promise! Enjoy the fifth episode and beyond!
There will be some delay on episodes. I go to an online school and I have been writing episodes too much and I need to get caught up on school. So, I may be gone from ()v@!$ for a while but the return will be soon. Let's say 2 days I'll be gone, but don't worry, it will be worth the wait of the next episode I've got in store for you all. See you soon.