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September 9, 2012
Tutorial: Nebula-Brushes by ~Ov3RMinD
Featured by Elandria
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Tutorial: Nebula-Brushes

I'm getting asked quite a lot how I do all my nebula work, so I decided it would be a good idea to share some of my knowledge in a tutorial.
Now that my semester has finished and I'm done with all the exams I finally found time to do this. Turned out more comprehensive than I expected.
The brush I made for this tutorial can be found here: [link]

This is my contribution to the great community here at deviantArt.

If you have any suggestions, found any errors or just got any kind of feedback, please let me know.

I hope it'll be useful.


Special thanks to !Kirill-Gorshkov for the english Photoshop screenshots and ^Elandria for the Daily Deviation. :hug:


I've used Adobe Photoshop CS3 for this tutorial. It appears that the brush settings menu has undergone some minor changes in CS5. As far as I know, all the relevant options are still available, they just might have been moved to another sub-menu.
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AniaJay's avatar
Awesome, thanks a lot!!!
lauraypablo's avatar
awesome tutorial :la:
ObsidianObscure's avatar
HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?!!!!! HOW?
ObsidianObscure's avatar
Samurai-ko's avatar
This is WONDERFUL, thank you so much!
HunterKi11er's avatar
Thanks for this excellent tutorial. 
Really pleased with the resulting look.
Skullflower90's avatar
This is so helpful thanks! I find it quite hard to draw this cloudy/smokey-texture, but the results are great anyway :hexentanz:
Skullflower90's avatar
Ach herrje, du bist ja deutsch. Mal sehen, wie viele Stunden ich heute noch an meinem ersten Space Art sitzen werde, die Ergebnisse werden natürlich gepostet!
Linstock's avatar
Great work , thanks.
cuernomuerto's avatar
PearlPhoenix's avatar
I learned a lot from this. Thank you so much :hug:
celticwren's avatar
Buho01's avatar
Really cool :la:
asaph70's avatar
to bad I only have PSE9 and can't set brushes up this way. Great tut thanks for sharing
TholiaBentz's avatar
Amazing tuto !! You sure deserved the DD :aww: !
Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
Really love this tutorial, unfortunately it seems that I am better at painting my own fireworks than I am nebulas :D
Zedna7's avatar
this is fantastic! Thanks for making it :love:
InuyashaRules6596's avatar
grr this would be so cool to try but all i have is gimp
MercuryCrest's avatar
If I may ask, what version of PS are you using?

I've got CS5 but don't seem to have the "Other Dynamics" choice under Brush Tip Shape....
Ov3RMinD's avatar
I am using CS3. It appears that the menu structure for brush settings has changed in CS5. The settings are still the same but you might find them under different sub menus.
MercuryCrest's avatar
Gotcha. Thanks.

I was still able to follow the tutorial and get an excellent result. :)
Moonchilde-Stock's avatar
Thanks for this... I really need to learn how to make brushes out of the nebula I have already created on my other account Casperium.. do you have tuts or know of any for making brushes???
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