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[MLP] What You think about JanAnimation's C&D?

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New Free Feature (Profile) 2014 Only 5!!

New Free Feature (Profile) 2014 Only 5!!

Hello everyone, I am starting to return to my dA with new contents (soon) and new features, for now just of dA Features until I get points for make Giveaways, anyway. On my Homepage I have a space where any deviant can has a limited or unlimited featured from differents ways. On this case, I want to add 5 Deviants to an Unlimited Featured on my Homepage, This one will be quickly... This means just the first deviants in Fav this and comment can win instantly. But is important that you must be an active Deviant, that's the idea of course. So I will updating while I add Deviants to my new Space, that's All!

Plz, If u decide to Watch, plz Dont Unwatch later!

Plz, If u decide to Watch, plz Dont Unwatch later!

I have noticed that some of my Watchers have been unwatching recently, I want to say that if you guys decides to Watch me and then unwatch please, better don't watch me anymore... I made giveaways and stuffs but if you loss please dont unwatch for that, thats idea of the game... Well, is just my opinnion... Also, If I lost watchers for No Reason, I will decide to stop making giveaways or contests, because I give for nothing... If you agree this cool, if you don't... Sorry: It is my dA.

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solo vine aquí por StepMania~
Holla! :D (Big Grin) I must simply ask ya, are requests open? :D (Big Grin) I would absolutely LOVE one from you if that is okay! <3 If that is okie with you I mean I dun wanna be a bother. XD  Thankies for the great work! :3 Your style is amaze. ;v;
Hehe you are not bothering, no problem if you want to ask me something, Well about request yeah, these are open, What kind of request do you want?

PD: Thanks for your coment :D
but how you want your request, a Wallpaper, a card, a banner, what kind of request do you want?