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- 7 Vector Cars by outthere - 7 Vector Cars by outthere
Ok, some devart admin thought it would be a great idea to pull down all of my vector cars, and many other peoples vector works, because they were in the RESOURCES > VECTOR section of the site... smart huh? i have since been told that this section was intended as a place to place native vector files for people to actually use - fair enough - but here did it say that to everyone looking for a vector section to submit our VECTOR art to...?

anyway - ive put all my vector cars into this one image starting from my first, ending with my most recent. ive also put it pic in the INDYART > MISC category - which is supposedly where our vectors were supposed to go? (cos thats logical?)

the cars, in order of appearance are:

1- Ferarri GT 360
2- Dodge Viper GTS-R
3- McLaren F1 LM
4- Rolls Royce Phantom 2
5- Toyota AB-Flug Supra S900
6- Nissan Veilside Skyline GTR-R33
7- GM Hummer H1

Please tell me which is your favourite of the seven as previous to their removal, the Supra (#5) was number one at about 1200 views, 32 comments and about 21 favourites... closely followed by the Skyline at about 800 views, 20 comments and about 12 favourites.

UPDATE: it seems some people cant view the full size image - gotta be another devart fuckup - so ive renamed and uploaded the pic again... hopefully it works now?

UPDATED UPDATE: Still cant get full view to work... hopefully someone at DA can fix this...

UPDATED UPDATE of an UPDATE: Re-re-uploaded the image? hopefully its good now?
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exotic-legends Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Professional General Artist
Very nice work. I'd choose the McLaren F1 LeMans.
One of my personal favorite cars is the Porsche Carrera GT which is one of the most beautiful cars ever built. This car also inspired me for a painting in Adobe Illustrator (2-D, using no mesh/no grid for gradients) from another interesting angle. See here:…
Also see the detail-links in the attachment of the picture-description.
Acending-Sun Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is beautiful work. I Love this!!!
kakashiengga Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010
nice work ... I was so spirit
Quietharm Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2010
I am actually working on trying vector cars myself, and I love how you did yours. Very seamless and crisp. I also like the angle of each one. Good job! =)
Sidney-Dire Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2008
oh man. i love the skyline. so beautiful. i just cant get enough of them. tho i do love the ferrari too, im kinda torn now.
Madam-ESS Featured By Owner May 10, 2008
Great work, i love it, i have been trying to work on vector art but i'm struggling.. i hope to be perfect like you soon.. Nicely done.
OutcastOne Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Abflug Supra 900 for the win man.. f-ing nice car :)
the--stig Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2007
Luigi-Master Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2007
Where's the love for us big guys? I call the H1 (RIP) as my fave.
yf19-sama Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
love most the 4 rools royce, the better contrast and the shadow can be part of my choice
PORSCHER Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Great stuff but why's that old RR Phantom between such cars? =/
Neminder Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2006
My absolute favorites of these are Toyota AB-Flug Supra S900 and Nissan Veilside Skyline GTR-R33. :D YUMMEH!
PhantomPaladinX Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2006
McLaren F1 LM is one sweet ride, should go with some body art, neon, maybe nitro too
The1Blur Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
these are all very nice!
theSASTA Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2006
omg... vectors?

looked like real photos on that thumb...

great work!! :headbang:
Popc0rn Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2006
looks nice mate
cre8t1ve Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2006
This is really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :headbang:
DWTS--MUD Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2006
Love The Supra Nice Work The Ab-flug bodykit is a mean peice of work...but i still like the Veilside fortune 03 hehe :D still though anything to do with supras is good :+fav:
SaeruClearMist Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2006
I'd :heart: to see would probably be the McLaren F1 LM and my :+fav: of all time would probably be... the Toyota AB-Flug Supra S900... I'd just want it in a darker blue :laughing: Yeah, darker... ^^ good work with the drawings and coloring :clap: Keep up the good work.

:+fav: :doh:
anubis-ayani Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
awsomw work, i fav the skyline. there was a lag in the fullview it seems to work. dont you just love devart...... :sarcastic:
doodwtf Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2005   Traditional Artist

i don't particularly like the r-33 i'm more of an R-34 fan

but hey it's a skyline

get rid of the ferrari
Reflex-Seven Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2005
Wow... you're... wow... I envy you. This is amazing. Haha, rmeinds me of my photo which you've probably already seen, judging by your visit to my page. Insane talent here. Keep it up.
brantsfeet Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2004   Interface Designer

Rolls Royce gets my +fav
scullysayer Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2004
:omfg: I'm still having trouble believing these are vectors, they're certainly the best damn vector works I've ever seen. You've done an amazing job on this in all aspects, they almost look as if they're real. The shading and colouring, the attention to detail, the way you've made the light reflect perfectly off the surfaces of the car... simply amazing. :o Personally I'd say the Supra is the best, but they all look f'ing amazing... damn good job I say :clap:
kebz Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2004
*drools* mmMm Skyline :)
mikstar Featured By Owner May 22, 2004
very nice, I drove a yellow alfbug supra like the one in your pic... was in 'serious performance 6' if u ever watch that crap =P
s3ns3i Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2004
You have been an inspiration to me. Had it not been for you, I never would have made a vector anything...

Thank you.
j-s-n Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2004   Digital Artist
.......Mad Tallent!!!
ules-- Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2003
Nice :D Awesome cars :+fav:
bei-chan Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2003
*sigh* sounded so cool, but i can't seem to get the pic loading...
malifor- Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
the skyline takes the pot here, but that viper is closely followed behind
guccipiggy Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2003
Hey man. Lovely vectors. The ferari looks the best>>>not a fan of the brake discs on the mclaren but other than that your cars fucking rock. Check my newest attempt at a vector RX8 if you would be so kind =>> [link] Thanks heaps :)
helium2k Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2003
great work :D
the viper looks a bit off but the rest is pure 0wnage :clap:
chris16 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2003
Awesome job man, they all look reallyyy realistic!
i-steal-kegs Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2003
Bondy-1725 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2003
:drool: A B F L U G S U P R A :drool:
this is amazing they started off really good with the 360gt and tyhen they just got better and better i looooooooove the supra and the veilside skyline and that hummer at the end is just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo detailed its unbelieveable really really nice work :+fav: :+favlove:
paulobecker Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2003
Whhhoooooaaaaaaa this is awesome. I actually thought that they were car photos in the thumb :D Great work, and my favourite is the Skyline :) +Fav for me!
rusty666 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2003
holy fuck, thats truly amazing

timbo Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2003
I really love the Rolls, followed by the skyline and then the supra

#2,3 and 5 look like they're isometric (or at leas orthagonal), I think they'd work better in perspective as the other ones are :D
0viking0 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2003
I did not see the skyline. WOW. You are the only one here that I like more than myself :( (Sad)
nalhcal Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
Very nice, especially the viper. Favorite car. :) (Smile)
esodesign Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2003
Vector? More like f-ing amazing... I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I need to learn to use the figgin' gradient mesh tool!

Person fave, the SKYLINE... sweet car, sweet details, just sweet! I like how the environment is reflected in the paint... photo reference?
-antiskeptic Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2003   Digital Artist
lol, faved this and forgot to comment on it? this is awesome! lol, i wish i could do vector work as sweet as this :D (Big Grin)
jek Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
Man this is INCREDIBLE!!! Worship
sbrooden Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2003
Wow,You'd swear those are real if you didnt look at it full view
namelezz Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2003   Interface Designer
Nahh, you´re lying, its impossible to be vectors.... holy sh**, they are!!!
wow, just wow!!!! incredibly work!!!
n0deal Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice wheels man, you put an awesome amount of detail into these tracing and they came out great. Nice to see someone keeping the bar of vector illustrating this high. :) (Smile)
d-i-a-b-o-l-i-k Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2003
Gotta go with the F1-
But I have a relative who collects vintage cars, so I would really love to get a hold of that Rolls-Royce to tweak into the web-site I'm building for him.
If that is a possibility, tell me how and where and he will be thrilled!
stanref Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2003
Damn, these are all my fav cars, nice work, this shit kicks ass
fav for sure
vnwacko Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2003
dodge viper all the way baby!!!!!
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