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monster girl oc

My new OC
no name yet, heares her human form expect for 3 eyes whatrever... so yeah im begging someone teach me how to make proper backgrounds without using google images :P anyhoe it took me entire days to digitalize freaking lineart wich was so painfull that make me sure ill have to redone it over and over again in higher and higher resolution as a punishment in hell. that was worth a while tough :3 dont ask about her and her limbs possitions its all completly random. i havent draw in almost decade and i needed practice. hope you like it thanks bye. oh and share ideas for a name.
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yo i made a oc edit of your character is it ok to post it online or not
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sure! id love to see that
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Cleaver way of incorporating her hair into the motif of her outfit.
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Thanks! It all begun with the idea for that exact hairstyle. Idea of spiger girk oc poped up next. Its the absolute first time im satisfied with my character design after first sketch. Im proud of this one. Thanks again :D
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Wygląda super, ciekawe włosy.
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Grzywka miala przypominac otwor gebowy a te ...kucyki?... Odnuza pajaka. Dzieki
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Imo efekt osiągnięty
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