Original Interview with Dr.Yun from ST MEDIA
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Since Uni's Original Library released on February 14th, we had a contact with Dr.Yun, the CEO of ST MEDIA and composer.
We asked him about Uni that we didn't hear the answer, and he told us about more plan to begin.

1. First of all, I'm gladly to say congratulation about the original release of Uni. Tell us the personal or official impression.

Hello, this is Dr.Yun. First of all, thank you very much for your congratulation.
For the honest, we don't have any official impression, so maybe I should tell my personal impression.
In my opinion, I was worked with thought that this is the last chance to develop for the Korean VOCALOID culture.
So I wouldn't like to make my fans disappointed, and that must be the reason why her release date been too late.
For now, I am satisfied fully enough about her release, however, we have to reformat a lot of missed things so we keep do the work with more efforts and more research.

2. What is the hardest moment while you're developing her?

The hardest moment was the pressure of responsible.
Because we thought this is the last chance at the Korean VOCALOID culture, so it was really strongest thought that we should make fans to enjoy it.
And you know, the VOCALOID Engine is specialized with Japanese, so it was really hard to make her Korean singing naturally.

3. What are the most emphasize a point or upgraded point that SeeU didn't have?

What I really wanted most is the voice sounds like happy and joyful with the bunch of the hopeful and good feelings.
And there's a little bit of the consciousness about the dark atmosphere of Korean VOCALOID culture since we were developed SeeU in SBS A&T at 2011.
Also, we considered about her naturally comfortable voice than the heterogeneity.
If you want to ask me about the upgraded point that SeeU didn't have, then I think you have to ask us "Difference in Approach" more than "Upgraded".
Unfortunately, I have to apologize that we're not able to tell you about it. I'm sorry. TT

4. Since the success of the Uni's official release, you now develop the Soft, Power and English, and you already said that you presume to release her Soft & Power library in summer of 2017. But as you know, there's a lot of Uni's fan in a lot of worlds and they're waiting for her English library. Is there any latest news about it?

The English library is the challenge for us.
Actually, I have a kind of worry about her pronunciation and timbre.
I presume her English library must require the long times to develop.
In fact, we will start the Soft & Power and English from the same date, but maybe English would be later than the Soft & Power.
I think we would be able to release the library in winter of this year, but let's keep look at it if it's gonna be real.

5. The ST MEDIA is now the first VOCALOID production company which developed the world's first natural Korean VOCALOID. Is there any new Korean VOCALOID you're thinking or you're already finished to plan?

After the Uni, the next VOCALOID would be the male character. The concrete plans already finished, and we will start to develop him after the release of Uni's English Library.

6. In China, the Xiaomi Technology said the Hongmi Note X4 Hatsune Miku Limited Edition, and in Japan, there was a game collaboration about Crash Fever with Hatsune Miku. Is Uni also have any plan to collaborate or the product like figure or limited edition?

The plan for character products about Uni already exists.
However, we have to consider the product and profit structure that creators also get the revenue, so we will work about it carefully.
I guess maybe her products will start to be the sale from summer of this year.
And we also consider about the collaboration, so if there's a good product to collaborate with her, we're always ready to begin the project.

7. Make a poem with name "Uni".

U means YOU.
N means And.
I means I.
Uni means You and I.

8. From the release of UNI, is there any hope to the creators?

You know UNI is released by us, but she has to grow up by creators and fans. I mean, you.
So I hope they could make a better VOCALOID Culture and grow up together.
If there's a request about the project or the things you need to creating activity, please contact us anytime.
Oh, and our e-mail address to contact is help@stmedia.kr so don't forget!

9. Any last words for fans from America and the whole world?

Hello, fans from America and the whole world of Earth!
I really want to say thank you about your love and attention to Uni.
I guess there's a lot of fans and creators waiting for her English Library.
I'll make sure to make a great progress so you would be satisfied.
Thank you very much!
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Can you provide a link to the interview?? : D
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This is an official interview. So you can just copy this page's link :)