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Flare Brushes

Hmm.... I think the preview image itself is pretty artistic, nay?

I have absolutely no idea what you can make with them, but you can always try to impress me...

To dA users:
Please link back to your work, becouse i would like to see it.
Credit is not needed, but is always nice!

to bloggers:

You may post theese brushes in your blog, if you link back.
-Yup. You read it! the only term of posting~

This took me five computercrashes to make...

EDIT: 100 downloads, 5 faves.... WHAT DID I DO WRONG? >:U
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thanks for the wonderfull works
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great work bro
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You sir...deserve a prize. These are awesome ! and thank you very very much ..( ill post soon what the hell i made with them).
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very artistic ;) thank you for your hard work
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Thank you! I hope you find them useable!
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These are awesome!

I've been building a set of wallpapers (In my head, so far) for a new desktop setup I'm working on. I've been looking for something just like this to add a bit of detail to the piece without it being too overwhelming. These are perfect!

I'll be sure you comment back with a link to what I've used them for, and I'll be sure to also link back to your work here on my upload. It's the least anyone should do who uses your work.

Thank you for sharing this with us.
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I am glad that these can help you :D
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They will indeed, now I just need to get the design out of my head and onto the canvas...
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You'll die if you knew how I made these brushes....
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Perhaps one of these days you should tell me, do please make plans for my funeral however before doing so. Heh.

Also, might I suggest that if you do tell me how you made them that you do so in a note. Lest your super secret revolutionary techniques be divulged to the undeserving masses. :devilish:
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I'll show you when I get my laptop back :D
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I'm looking forward to it.

Oh, btw, you didn't respond to my note! Don't make me find you! :devilish:
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OMG! These are awesome! You are truly a jack of all trades. Funny what you noted above there.. 100 downloads with only 5 faves.. HOW ABOUT 6,853 DL's with ONLY 71 FAVES???!!!! OMG LAZY FUCKERS!!!!! How much you wanna bet 6782 never bother to let you know when they use them? (Not gonna take that bet, I bet... hahahahaha.) You are a good person to keep it up. Believe me, there are a lot of people out there who appreciate you, even if it too inconvenient for them bother to mention it. :D
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You can count the ones who linked me back by adding two to the persons that have shown me it in the comment section ^^;

Thank you for the kind words :D
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Why am I not surprised. Well, karma's a bitch. :fork: "To use a tired old cliché..."(which I realize is -itself- a tired old cliché), "What goes around, comes around" :D That good for people like you. I hope.
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very nice))) i downloaded it))) i know its applying)))
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Used here [link]
and here [link]
Thank you, great brushes!
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Thank you very much for sharing :bow: :)
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These are nice
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wow great image, I can't stop seeing it
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you know, it is a brushset for photoshop~
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