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I just really like colors, okay?
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Wearing Red to a Wedding by OutsideFate, visual art

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Q: Those are some nice images you have there! How did you paint it/take the photo/where did you take it from the internet?

A: Thanks, but they are (mostly anyways) not photographs or "real" paintings. They are fractals. To say it simply, infinite shapes made by math. I just happen to "paint" with numbers instead of acrylic. Since fractals can scale up and down infinitely, I can render a fractal in virtually any size I want.

Q: Where can you be found?

A: the #Aposhack chatroom! There are some awesome people there!

Q: Do you roleplay?

A: Yes, I play Exalted, Mage the Awakening, Orpheus and pretty much any other WW/OPP game sans Vampire. I can't stand those edgy, moody mothersuckers.

Q: Color or Colour?

A: Colour.

Q: 50 1 H34RD U L!3K MUDK195?

A: Fuck off.

Q: What is art??

A: Art is a piece of craft in a media one is able to perceive with one or more of our five senses that conveys either a message from the artist, an emotion or just an ambient feeling. Therefore, your crappy sonic recolour is not art. It is just a crappy piece of craft. Deal with it.

Personal Quote: "Schrödinger's Cat. Wanted Dead or Alive"

Favourite Visual Artist
The ones in the shack
Favourite Movies
Macyana disc 2
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
t.A.T.u. , Yuki Kajiura, BLAST, TRAPNEST, Alice Cooper, Anna Tsuchiya....
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Original paper RPG. Digital: PSP
Tools of the Trade
Time, "Trolling", Chocolate
Other Interests
Vivienne Westwood, chocolate, cherries, sexy guys ;D
Is it just me, or does the "show less like this" button on dA do the exact opposite? God, the new Eclipse feed is such jank.
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Hey guys. Well, maybe guy and a half out there that still read journal updates. So, it seems like I stuck around for longer than I expected, and I've had one hell of an artistic output recently. I hope you guys have enjoyed the off-the-wall UltraFractal stuff I've posted recently! Personally, I thought I would maybe squeeze out like one or two pieces and then fade back into the background noise, but I'm having a really fun time playing with UltraFractal again after all of these years. Anyway, anyone knows what's left of the fractal community here on dA? Since Eclipse and the removal of gallery categories and the gimping of groups, my outreach hasn't been as easy as I expected it to be, so it would be nice to get pointed in the right direction.
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Let's catch up a little. So, as a lot of you might have noticed and then long forgotten, today marks my first upload in just a little over 4 years. A lot of things have happened, and I ended up in a spot where making art made me feel sick to the stomach, and I literally couldn't push myself to do anything in UltraFractal. The parameter pack I uploaded for you guys to use was supposed to be my Swansong to the community, but I guess that there is still a little life back in me to start to create again. My output won't be anywhere near what it was before, and some of the stuff I'll upload might seem repetitive and stale, but remember that I'm
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Thanks for the favs and watch, I must confess that I admire your color editing job !

Thanks for the watch! Your work is awesome!

Likewise!! I've been seeing you in the feed a lot and I adore your style!!

Aw, thank you!

Hi, thanks for the fav, I hope you'll enjoy even the rest of my gallery, have a good day, bye!:)

Fancy Cake 50x50 iconHappy Birthday!