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HL Application - Elijah by OutroIntroZoom HL Application - Elijah by OutroIntroZoom

 Elijah Asher Sinclair



 Lycanroc-Midday (#745)

 6'4" ft

Weight: 225.6 lbs


 August 2

Home Island:
 Mystery Isle


From the way he smiles to every step he takes, Elijah is a person who presents himself with the utmost charisma, fortified by his wit, eloquent vocabulary and mannerisms, he draws people in with his stylish persona. The Lycanroc carries himself with confidence in his decisions and actions, rarely wavering even when he created a mistake: "for an assured voice can shake a tower." His confidence is the result of his daring personality, for he is willing to do and say whatever he desires without fear and or concern for the opinions of others. Yet his assertiveness is accompanied by his utter shamelessness, he can be put in the most awkward position with the most embarrassing circumstances, sometimes by choice, and will hardly flinch to such events unless he considers it personal. The Wolfman is a free-spirit who ignores convention, yet it makes him very eccentric, communicating in bizarre ways and doing unusual activities or being outrageously flamboyant in spontaneous moments; speaking of, the rock-wolf rarely gives prompting to the ideas or actions he plans to do and will execute them without warning to catch someone off guard.

Don't be fooled by the Lycanroc's tomfoolery, for he is not the fool that he makes himself out to be... you get the analogy. Elijah is fully aware of himself, his methods are unconventional, many people wouldn't do what he would do, yet he chooses to because he wants to, even if it is amoral. The Lycanroc can be very bright and resourceful, he thinks ahead and is able to create and apply his ideas quickly in many situations, plus can be quite an effective leader when given the chance. When he's not making Shakespeare roll in his grave, the young man can be leisurely, taking his sweet time to relax and go a slow pace, enjoying the day without breaking into song or dance number, just be in quiet peace. Though he may outwardly emphasize "style," the human-canine disregards most material goods and is wasteful of them, throwing them away or letting them gather dust, except when they hold importance or relevance. During difficult conversations, Elijah can be composed and patient, waiting, watching, and listening, using his perceptive eye to gather information on a subject or person, right down to the little quirks. He can be liberal as well, often unconcerned for how a person lives their life or may even support it because it shouldn't be restrained by societal normalcy.

At first glance, the young man may appear to be a friendly but strange gentleman to the public, but in truth, it is a facade for his mischievous nature. Elijah finds entertainment out of the mischief he creates and the bewilderment that ensues it, no matter the person subjected to it, be it friend or foe, even family or stranger. With a devious mind, Elijah will plot his next scheme when he grows bored and just loves to get creative with his tricks, always trying to one-up the last "masterplan." The young man is hardly above deception or manipulation either and will twist the truth or fabricate lies to get what he wants out of people or outright confuse them. It doesn't help that the Lycanroc is purposefully vague, often leaving out keywords or important information simply because he finds it funnier watching people figure things out with the littlest possible. The sweet compliments he can share could hide his biting sarcasm and callous commentary when given no context while other's harsh words bounce off his stone hide. Elijah derives pleasure from antagonizing those who cross him, believing they deserve a little "misfortune" and will go out of his way to ruin their day. Though the Lycanroc is aware of his misdeeds and enjoys doing them, he still has issues with stopping himself from going too far and making a mess of things.

Being a textbook definition of a delinquent, of course the young wolfman would also be vain; except only somewhat, he isn't interested in parading around or shouting to the heavens about his "greatness," but he has some pride to him despite his lack of shame, and what he is proud of he does it with passion. Whatever piques his interest, Elijah will put his heart and soul into it, be it from his ranch, his music, or his tricks, he will spend much of his time learning and understanding the subject so he can do it himself. That being said, if a character were to do what he wants to do or does, in his opinion, better, it brings out his envious side, becoming upset over how he puts so much work into what he loves for someone else to outclass him. However, the boy will play it off, acting that all is well because "nothing bothers him," yet much can bother the young Lycanroc, and he'll refuse to admit that to anyone.

Elijah is an eccedentesiast, an individual who hides his pain and sorrow behind a smile, afraid to be vulnerable, to share his true feelings with anyone, and finds it difficult to trust others. What sticks with him rarely unsticks, he grows obsessed with his troubling thoughts that it pains the wolfman to even leave his mind alone to simmer on them. He cannot let go of the past and the experiences from it turned him cynical, believing in the worst of people, and that an individual is either going to use you for their own gains or they are too stupid to realize they are being played. Alongside a pessimistic outlook on life, the Lycanroc subtly distances himself from people through his antics and demeanor, making it difficult to form a connection with him. As an unintended result, Elijah is very lonely and craves the attention and contact of someone, so he puts up a front to gain notice yet would quickly push away before becoming intimate by remaining detached and troublesome. His strong-will acts as a double-edged sword, where he is not halted by reason to do as he pleases, but provides an obstacle to self-improvement and change. 

However, if you manage to get past the NUMEROUS layers of issues, Elijah can be someone who is tender and playful, showing softness and (milder) goofiness to him that he rarely exhibits to others. Getting sentimental for the smallest details, be it a memory of a dance long ago to just a few minutes of talking about snow over a cup of tea, and will keep those simple moments close to his heart. He is artful and philosophical, pondering questions about what the deep meaning of the Mona Lisa's smile is to the words spoken of by Hamlet to why Mario would save Peach time and time again from Bowser. For those he holds dear, Elijah will protect them at all costs and will risk himself to keep them safe, though he will likely take it to the point of overprotectiveness, he'll still mean well, just be mindful he can be clingy too. Most of all, if a person gained his trust, he will be loyal to the very end, and will always stay by their side even if they made a mistake, and will do whatever he can to be some form of comfort to those he loves.

TLDR: He's hot garbaje.


Elijah was born like many other children before him, in a quiet hospital at night with the silence destroyed by a newborn baby's crying. Unlike most other children of Laverre City, however, the Rockruff was fortunate to be born with a silver spoon in his mouth, his family wealth was able to provide whatever the little mongrel desired. However, his parents, two old and business-savvy individuals, were frequently stricken with work, and Elijah was put in the care of the house servants. Growing up, Elijah didn't mind, he adjusted since he was able to speak his first word to know that his parents wouldn't always be there, even with the servants assuring that they cared for him. What truly plagued the little boy was his inability to socialize, being very meek and shy, he rarely interacted outside his family and house staff. While his older brother was far too old and much too invested in his own life to play with a toddler, Elijah's sister, Lillie, was his closest friend, and they were inseparable, often relying on her to talk and play with when he felt lonely.

Everything would change when Elijah started school, leaving his sister behind to start socializing by himself, which was quite a frightening aspect to a child with the social skills of a Mario Boo. While the shy little boy was quietly doing homework in the corner of the room, a group of boys came up to him, bombarding him with question after question, as little boys do, until they asked if he wanted to play with them. The Rockruff was first confused, he had difficulty speaking up after such an onslaught, but after more prodding, he eventually succumbed and agreed, it was a difficult adjustment, but thereafter he was giddy as could be. Elijah was excited to make new friends on his own and wanted to do whatever it takes to make his companions happy. As days went by, the little boys brought out new aspects from the pooch's personality, the Rockruff having a goofy side, loved to put on shows and make elaborate acts to get his friends to smile, helping to build his confidence and self-esteem.

Eventually, the prospect of mischief-making came into play, the boys just loved to play pranks and cook up schemes to use on teachers and fellow students, even on themselves. They were frequently getting into trouble, which worried the Rockruff's family, especially his sister, but Elijah grew unconcerned, he had his friends, they made him happy and that was all that mattered. 
However, as they grew older, deeply personal issues started to affect their friendship and the way they treated each other became a little more callous each time to the point of toxicity. Even though the now Lycanroc noticed the changes, he didn't want to believe anything has changed, his friends and he are going through a moment, nothing more. They were still together, plotting and scheming, laughing and playing, this wouldn't change.

But of course it did. While on one of their "grand schemes," they were caught in the act and after all the shenanigans and mayhem they had done, they were officially expelled. The Sinclair parents got the word, and needless to say, they were seething with rage. Not only did they forbid their son from interacting with his friends ever again, but he would be placed in another school, one that was strict, with his sister accompanying him as a role-model in hopes of setting him straight. Elijah was mortified, he didn't want this, he couldn't just leave his friends behind, he tried to get out of it, at least keep them in touch, but there was nothing he could do but to leave his home and city to go to another where he can become a "model citizen." But the boy tried to keep a smile, he thought that he could find something "fun" to do until he can go back, maybe he could enjoy it.

For a time, the new school appeared to have been working, Elijah was starting to calm down, he met new people, made new relationships; yet, the issues brought upon by his own mistakes and strong-will against the system made him angrier and lonelier than he has ever been, taking his frustrations out on others and creating a rift between him and anyone, including Lillie. He just wanted to go home, be with his friends again, and he would get that wish when he went on a school field trip to one of the surrounding routes. In a heat of frustration, while contemplating his thoughts, Elijah went to explore on his own and eventually got lost, ignorant to the fact that he walked straight into a territorial Houndoom's domain. The Lycanroc foolishly tried to fight it, only for him to be left burned and in agony by the hound's venom laced flames. He would not have survived if another student didn't hear his cries and gathered a group of teachers that scared the Houndoom away.

Despite having been rushed to the hospital, it was far too late, the poison seeped into his skin and would never come out, he'll suffer burns for the rest of his life. The Lycanroc was taken out of the school to recuperate and receive therapy, he would return home, but wouldn't for the school, as the dean deemed an expulsion necessary for the number of misdemeanors he did in his stay; yet his sister would remain there for her own reasons. Elijah got what he wanted, he was home, but the empty and lonely feeling was consuming him, and he sought out one of his old friends in hopes to alleviate it. When he did manage to locate one, however, his old friend informed them that the others already left the city and that he and they had no interest in returning to the friendship they once had, and that he was glad to have lost that friendship. Hurtful words were shared, a fight broke out, and Elijah was left beaten and alone once more.

The Lycanroc was at his breaking point, he didn't want to stay in his home and city anymore, he just wanted things to start over; so, after further time recovering and planning, he decided he would leave by taking whatever money he owned and whatever he could pawn off to sustain himself. He spoke with his sister while she came to visit and asked to keep quiet about his leave, it was a difficult conversation, but she eventually understood. Going from a rich kid to a financially conscious individual wasn't at all easy, Elijah struggled to find a job where he can be successful at and how to handle his payments without help and one where his burns wouldn't interfere. The young man jumped from place to place, learning and understanding what he could be good at to survive until he figured it out.

Though quick to learn, Elijah spent so much of his life goofing around that he never really questioned what exactly he wanted to do with his life, and it took a number of odd jobs to make that decision. During his travels, he found a Help Wanted add for a nearby ranch and, needing the money, decided to take it. The Lycanroc was fascinated by all the work that surrounded a farm, especially the animals, he would be vigorous with taking care of them and keeping them in good health, he didn't even hesitate to do the more "dirty" work. The Wolfman stayed for years, and his boss noticed Elijah's efforts over time despite his condition, giving him a promotion and better pay to afford what he needed and desired. It was surprising to the rock-wolf, he never expected to fall in love with ranching, but he was like a Ducklett to water and he couldn't be happier!

Well, not exactly... The Lycanroc may have been on his "best" behavior during his work and mellowed a little as a young adult, but he grew cramped on the ranch and following the rules became tedious. He wasn't exactly in the best standing with the rest of the staff either. Elijah wanted to spread his metaphorical wings further and own his own ranch, where he can raise his own livestock, make his own rules, be free to go about his life at his own pace again. So, the young man had saved up enough money to purchase his own ranch, he looked up news articles and websites for a place where he can do so until Raccolto came into his awareness. He said his goodbyes to the ranch owner, wishing her well before leaving for the next destination in life.

Ability: Sand Rush






Job: Rancher
Ranch Name: Phantasma Shears
Stock Type: Fleece/Wool
Dog/Cat: Houndour
Dog/Cat’s Name: Stray
Dog/Cat’s Gender: ???

- Singing & Dancing
- Smooth Talking
- Piano Playing
- Hair cutting
- Heavy lifting
- Flexibility
- Hat tricks
- Shenanigans

- Singing & Dancing
- Reading
- Video Games

- Tricks & Pranks
- Exercising/Training
- Photography

- Ironically for a Rock-Type, Elijah dislikes the heat and prefers colder climates.
- He chooses baggy clothing primarily to avoid getting hot. But on cooler days, he'll wear a little more.
- Can swim well despite his typing, but he isn't going to win any National Swimming Competition anytime soon.
- Then again, he had won a few dancing competitions, thanks to his love of dance and a flexible body.
- While his left eye isn't blind, the Houndoom venom still did damage to it, leaving it sensitive to light and difficult to see with.
- Because of the reliance on his one good eye, Elijah's depth perception is a little shoddy.
- Average performance and skill at most sports in spite of his muscular frame.
- Played the piano since he was a child and has strong muscle memory for it.
- Exercises Monday, Thursday, & Saturday for around 2 hours to keep in shape. He'll go for longer if he's upset or angry.
- Frequently does morning stretches when he wakes up.
- Rarely uses heavyweights in certain positions in case his condition acts up.
- The Lycanroc is very proud of his physique and doesn't mind showing it off. It is the culmination of his years of effort!
- He may have a strong upper body, but his real strength lies in his legs, being able to jump high and run for long periods of time.
- His tail is warmer, softer, longer, and bushier than most Lycanroc.
- Ears are noticeably longer than normal Lycanroc as well.
- A little slower than usual Midday-Forms, but has a bulkier build to compensate.
- Ticklish at his waist.
- REALLY hairy... Elijah frequently shaves to keep symmetry with the hairless parts of his body.
- Eyebrows are absurdly bushy. Well... eyebrow.
- Even with one, he still has a strong Eyebrow Game, can wiggle it like a real Spewpa.
- Owns a strong singing voice with a wide range and will peacock about with it at any karaoke... or just any place with acoustics.
- Will randomly have painful moments of burning. The intensity depends on how bright his burned skin glows.
- Uses Rawst Berry lotion to soothe the burning and moisturize dry skin. He usually smells like Rawst Berries as a result.
- Elijah takes oral medication for his condition as well, though he dislikes it.
- The burns can wake him up at night if they get intense, but he can sleep through milder temperatures.
- Snores as loud as a revving motor.
- Tail wags when happy or excited, which is rare, and Elijah will stop himself when he notices it.
- When tense or anxious, Elijah's tail will bristle and slowly turn hard as stone.
- Eye color is a natural red that he inherited from his father.
- Ears turn red when he blushes.
- Left-ear was damaged when he was a Rockruff, so it never stood up after he evolved. Elijah doesn't mind but dislikes people pulling on it.
- Trained himself to be resilient to pain, but will still collapse if it gets too much.
- His burned skin is sensitive to touch but not so much that it hurts. Give him a good whack and that is another story.
- Teeth are strong and canines are sharp thanks to his totem.
- Previously had crooked teeth but wore braces when he was younger.

- Elijah used to "adopt" feral Pokemon when he was younger, though he had to give them up, he always had a soft spot for animals.
- Loves the fluffy ones in particular.

- Keeps his eyes covered to give himself a sense of mystery. That and the sun stings horribly, why are you like this, nature?
- Horrifically terrible with directions, so he gets lost easily unless he memorizes the way to his destination.
- Despite his inability to tell left from right, Elijah always had a fascination for exploration and sometimes dreams of traveling the world.
- Anxious around the Houndoom species line, even if it is a person. You can tell he /adores/ the little stray of his.
- Pretty good at coming up with strategies and the Lycanroc jokes that he is slowly planning world domination.
- Contrary to his upkeep image, Elijah can be sloppy and slobbish: throwing clothes around his room, piling up trash, etc.
- Due to his lifestyle, he can forget where he left something in a mess he made.
- Values promises and will only make them for the people who gained his trust.
- Haaatteess going to the dentist. Drills make him antsy...
- A massive video game nerd and can be very passionate and critical of gaming, but he is somewhat ashamed of that fact...
- Utterly shameless with shows & movies, however, and will spew references at the "best" opportunities available.
- Despite his love of the arts, he is tragically awful at art, and Elijah gets too frustrated to really improve in the area.
- Elijah can spout puns for days, but only has a mild fondness for them. What he really enjoys is smart/witty wordplay.
- Might give pet names to people, but out of mockery than endearment. It will change when Elijah grows to respect the person.
- Sometimes speaks in a soft tone, regardless of the situation, as a means of calming or annoying others.
- Uses a number of cheesy accents and his go-to voice is the Western/Cowboy; but, when speaking normally, he actually has a faint French accent.
- Favorite color is red and prefers warmer colors (Ironic isn't it?). But he isn't picky with any of the colors of the rainbow. Even the rainbow.
- He isn't concerned with people knowing about his burned skin, but he likes to spin tall tales about how he got it.
- Elijah just likes to spin tall tales in general. About himself and other people.
- Loves to be out in the rain and snow, finding it calming.
- He dislikes and avoids celebrating his birthday. He might get a small gift for himself, but that's as far as he'll go.
- Easy to sneak up on in spite of his "cool" demeanor and will deny any startled noise emitted from his mouth.
- He's protective of his animals and spoils them rotten.
- Knowledgeable about certain Pokemon and puts in a tremendous amount of effort in learning about ones that interest him.
- On the rare occasions that Elijah gets angry, he'll snarl.
- While he loves what he does, deep down, Elijah is disappointed that the most he can do are some type of "entertainment." He doesn't have many useful talents.

- French/German heritage.
- Right-Handed.
- The rocks in his vest are formed through his Totem's energy. Taking off his vest will have them shrink down.
- Winter is the best season. You are delusional otherwise, child.
- Fluent in English, French, and a little Japanese.

- His possessions include an old-fashioned camera; he's hardly Ansel Adams but he loves to take pictures of new places he visits.
- Owns a cheap piano to play on. It isn't the classiest, but the music speaks for itself.
- Can play on most any instrument that is similar to a piano, but his dedication to it left him hopeless on other instruments such as violins or flutes.
- Also owns a small "role-play wardrobe" to dress up as anything he pleases. I'm deeply sorry...
- Has a good Poker-Face, shame he has no idea how to even play Poker.
- His room is a Tepigsty, please enter with caution.
- The Elemental Fangs have practical uses: Fire Fang is used for cooking/burning while Thunder Fang is for charging devices.
- A drawback to the Fangs is that Elijah cannot speak when they are in use.
- Saliva will turn into an oil-like substance when using Fire Fang, allowing his teeth to ignite. Smells like oil too.
- When using Thunder Fang, his saliva becomes electrically charged, which can result in stinging spit.
- Experienced with cutting hair since he was a child, he can even cut, trim, and design his own.
- Elijah's family are devoted worshippers of Arceus, but he doesn't concern himself with religion.
- Favorite Music Genres: Classic, Pop, Rock, Salsa, Holiday, Gospel, Latin, and J-Pop
- Favorite Movie/Show/Book Genres: Comedy, Mystery, Romance, Drama, Thriller, Fantasy, and Surreal
- Favorite Game Genres: RPGs, Strategy, Puzzles, Adventure, Hack-n-Slash, and Rhythm/Music

Voice: Stromae
Singing Voice: Troy Baker


 Loves: Desired Video Games, Books, Snowcones

 Likes: Fish Dishes, Lotion, Piano Sheets, Burgers, Protein Bars, Tea, Stuffed Toys, Salad, Omelettes, Scenic Photographs

 Dislikes: Spicy Food, Bitter Food, Medicine, Oatmeal, Ranch Dressing, Alcohol

 Hates: Shovelware Games, Hot Sauce
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