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HL - 2nd Application - Zackery Duasso by OutroIntroZoom HL - 2nd Application - Zackery Duasso by OutroIntroZoom

 Zackery Duasso

Nickname: Zack



 Zoroark (#571)

 6'10" ft

Weight: 300.8 lbs


 December 14

Home Island:
 Affection Atoll


Characteristic: Highly Curious


Zackery's nature perfectly describes him, he's a hasty guy who puts little to no thought behind his actions and has little patience to do so or to even stay still for that matter. He'll likely say something off the top of his head, just because he thought it would be funny, or clever, or obvious, or just because he felt like saying it, which could end him up in trouble if he steps on the wrong toes; often times being a bit too blunt or honest would do the trick, though he doesn't mean any harm to anyone, mostly. The Zoroark is a very friendly individual, going to great lengths to know a person and be on their good side, and frequently tries to get them in on his various activities, like playing games, exploring, or just being part of some vivid fantasy of his. He has an imagination as active as his lifestyle, creating scenarios, settings, and stories on the spot with almost everything he does, turning a simple task of cleaning the dishes into an epic battle between Aliens and Superheroes; however, it is usually influenced by whatever media or entertainment he's into. Because of it, Zack's hardly bored by himself, being contempt with only his imagination, though would prefer a person to be around than just be by himself if he had the choice. The young man is someone who exudes his energetic personality in his daily life, whether working, playing, helping out, or just even talking with someone, anyone could tell by the sound of his voice that Zack is enthusiastic about what he what he wants to do or say. Albeit, he's a little too eager to be friendly or helpful, and can be too pushy with friendship, and will try, try, try again if he fails to make friends, and it can get very irritating, very fast.

Being deaf never stopped this young adult from being a fan of chatting, he's a talkative kind of guy who strikes conversations for just about anything, but this man is an absolute bigmouth, he can barely keep secrets to himself, even about himself, and may let them slip if he doesn't pay attention. There are even moments where the Zoroark misinterprets information and can accidentally spread rumors. Doesn't help that Zackery is a nosy person, as he's usually interested in what people do with their lives and just what happens in them, asking an ocean of questions, again, sometimes being too pushy to get to know someone. But the reason why he is so interested in others is that he's a highly curious individual, he loves learning, and when he tries to learn he does put in the effort to keep himself still and focused. The Zoroark can also be somewhat naive and a little too easy to trust others (unless he learns they are plain out lying or manipulative), and his emotions can be influenced by the people around him, yet he is very open-minded and accepts many factors and obscure mindsets and lifestyles. If someone were to refer to Zack as childish, they wouldn't be wrong, he is very silly and immature for a young adult, sometimes throwing a mild temper tantrum or going into the accursed "no you" argument when he's upset. He does have his moments of maturity where he can understand and empathize with a difficult situation, but they aren't as common in between some of his antics. Zack isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and can take a while before he gets the hint, but if you're straight with him, he'll get it in a snap.

Food has been Zack's passion for as long as he could remember, he loves food, and he loves to snack whenever lunch is ready. His imagination even seeps into his cooking often, as he tries to create the ultimate dish of his (current) dreams, no matter how ridiculous it will turn out. But his passion for consumption has turned him into a glutton and the Zoroark will try to add food to his schedule when he really shouldn't, yet his will to resist his urges are weak and will frequently allow his impulses to decide for him. But the fox man isn't exactly greedy, in fact, he's generous to anyone whom he meets, whether a close friend or total stranger and will share and give out gifts of whatever he makes. As much as he loves to give, he loves to receive, Zack cherishes any gift he gets, even if he isn't that big of a fan of the present. Coming from a family that had many hard times in getting much of anything, it makes the Zoroark happy to know that he got something out of the kindness of someone's heart. Yet it pains his own when he gives someone a gift and the same level of enthusiasm isn't given in return, at times believing it was a waste of effort or that it wasn't good enough for the person. Despite what his bubbly exterior may suggest, Zackery does suffer from low-self esteem at times and will judge himself harshly when he fails to do something. But even if the fox gets struck by hard times, he's still an optimist by default and will usually bounce back from most negative circumstances with a good enough push, smile, and the support from those around him.


In the quaint and quiet town of Solaceon, Zack was born to a loving and humble couple, the second in their family after his brother. There was a scare when the infant caught some type of cold, his parents feared for their baby's delicate life, but were relieved with his recovery through rest and medication. The Zorua proved to be like any kid growing up, playful, happy, active, and healthy; yet when the child was learning the fundamentals, his parents caught something strange. Zack was having problems pronouncing letters and words, and couldn’t understand what his parents were saying at times. Nevertheless, the Duasso couple merely thought that their son needed more time, as he was able to speak after a while, yet there was something else that was odd. The Zorua spoke rather loudly, Hunter acted similarly around the young boy’s age, so, once again, they didn’t expect much of anything. However, Zack’s voice was becoming noticeably louder as he got older and he was starting to ask “What?” whenever someone was speaking to him, which escalated so frequently that he was constantly disrupting his classes. His parents tried to get him to be quiet, but he grew accustomed to his voice and his hasty nature made it difficult to speak differently.

Zackery's parents just couldn’t understand why their son was behaving like this and thought that he might need a check-up with their doctor to see if anything was wrong. There they received the unfortunate news, Zack was suffering from progressive-hearing loss. While he could hear to some degree, the boy was slowly going deaf, and that talking loudly was a way to hear his own voice, but that too was damaging. The doctor couldn’t pinpoint whether it was the illness during infancy, medicine, or genetics that caused this, but advised the parents to do whatever they could for their son. After getting in a handful of problems at his old school, the Duassos scrounged up the money they could muster to send their son to a private school that would hopefully teach him what they couldn’t with his disability. To their surprise, Zackery not only improved (somewhat) in his vocal control, but he gained a number of friends and even found a fascination in cooking through it’s Home Economics program. While the boy still eventually went deaf, his optimistic-self was able to rebound from it, and enjoyed every moment he could have at the institute with his friends and teachers; however, his parents were having issues with their jobs, there were layoffs, strikes, and several other issues that lead to them to claiming bankruptcy. The Duassos just couldn’t afford to keep their child at the school anymore and had to bring him home, much to Zackery’s dismay.

Eventually, Zack managed to adjust to the public school life, falling back to his old speech habit from time to time, but lived a very modest childhood growing up while his family was recovering. He spent his time cooking with whatever he could get his hands on and replaced his parents as the "chef of the house" when they got busy or stressed. Often he made cupcakes, pies, and all other pastries, it wasn't healthy but it sure was tasty, yet couldn't derail the stress his parents endured. There was even a huge scare when the fox's father had a heart attack, the event greatly struck Zackery emotionally, pushing him toward evolution and into his hobby to keep his mind off the anxiety, but was relieved when his father managed to recover and returned home. Despite the hard times, the Zoroark kept a smile through much of it, and his parents managed to have stable incomes again after so much struggling, enough to afford what they could before. Their son was happy to help, but the boy truly realized just how much he loved his hobby, and wanted to make a career out of it.

Once the young fox-man graduated from High School, he set off to earn a degree in the Culinary Arts but was impatient with how the college he was attending gave him work that he already knew about or done it in a way that didn’t catch his interest. Still, he managed to get a basic degree and believed he was ready to own a shop to call his own to sell his culinary arts, even to make it on his own right off the bat. Zackery's parents tried to persuade the Zoroark to slow down, but they knew their son by now to know he’ll go through with the idea without hesitation, so they’ll support him the best they could as usual. But there was a problem, there was too little space, and too much competition in Solaceon to get a place of his own going. The Illusion Totem looked outside his hometown for ideas, but nothing caught his interest or there just wasn't a good enough option. Zack was stumped on what to do until he looked online and found Raccolto island, and was immediately fascinated from the descriptions that detailed it, even had plenty of room for his store to be set up, it was even close enough to home, it was the perfect place to him. With some financial support from his family, as well as from his friends (primarily begged for), Zackery set out to pursue his career on this patch of land in the open sea.



Night Daze



Sucker Punch

Job: Business Owner 
Shop Name: Bang-Bang Bakery
Stock Type: Pastries
Dog/Cat: Litten
Dog/Cat’s Name: Coin
Dog/Cat’s Gender: Male

- Can cook up most anything, especially pastries.
- Illusions.
- Fast Runner.
- Juggling.
- Sewing.

- Comic books
- Singing
- Playing video games
- Drawing
- Sports (Specifically tennis)
- Watching TV

- Not a natural blonde, he dyed his hair because he wanted to look attractive. The headshot beside him is his natural look.
- Zack would be much fatter if he wasn't so physically active.
- Bone structure is generally harder than usual, resulted from his mother's genetics and large intakes of calcium.
- However, his height still causes strain on his spine and he needs to see a chiropractor every now and then.
- Nose is bulbous thanks to his mother's genetics too.
- Can touch his nose with his tongue.
- Sticks his tongue out when thinking.
- Had that gap in his teeth since he was a kid, a result of his tongue pushing against them unconsciously.
- Faster than a normal Zoroark, but his defense is frailer. No, being fat doesn't give him that benefit.
- Enjoys running, but his stamina is low, making him tucker out fairly quick.
- Will duck when going through doorways, even if they can fit his height. He hit his head so often after evolving and developed the habit.
- Zack has a deaf lisp, it's noticeable, but not enough to make it hard for others to understand him.
- His freckles are primarily on his face and trails slightly down to his back and arms.
- Puffs his cheeks when he feels upset or annoyed.
- While he can't hear music, he does like feeling the vibrations.
- Alongside being deaf, he's also tone deaf. Don't let him go on karaoke night.
- Will use his ability to hide blemishes on his face as well.
- Forever a baby-face, fuzz can only be found on his arms and a little on his upper-lip.
- Has a small tuff of chest hair, he's proud of it, as it makes him look manly, but is a little disappointed with how small it is.
- As any Zoroark, if Zack takes a strong hit then the illusion is broken.
- Thanks to his typing, Zackery can see in the dark.

- Claustrophobic. He'll panic in tight spaces or when he's closed in.
- Small fear of huge heights with drops, makes him feel nervous.
- When Zack's in a rush, he usually forgets to put on his shoes.
- Actually likes to go barefoot when he can and wiggles those toes.
- Is sensitive about his weight and has failed several diets.
- He's incredibly anxious about the idea of suffering a heart attack and when it comes up he'll try another diet.
- Fluent in Sign Language, but prefers talking and instinctively speaks while signing.
- Dreams of having a family of his own someday with a TON of kids.
- Likes it when people pat his head, it's something his father did when he did something good as a child.
- Is fond of animals, including livestock, but isn't responsible enough AT ALL to run a ranch.
- However, is creeped out slightly by bugs.
- Will give people nicknames if their name is difficult to pronounce or remember or is fun to say.
- He doesn't have the best memory, so he keeps a cookbook filled with recipes in his kitchen.
- Can read lips to a degree, but when someone is talking too fast or too slow, Zack can barely understand what they are trying to say.
- Will mouth out difficult or long words and will confuse words of a different language with English.
- Requires concentration to create an illusion, if he rushes the process then the hallucination will have varied results.
- Strikes a pose before he uses his ability, but it's only for looking "cool."
- Attire is edgy to make himself look "cool."
- Cool people PLEASE notice him and be his friend!!
- Usually says "Oh" when he talks about something he finds interesting or new.
- Even if Zack understands if someone's first thought of his choice of sport is basketball due to his height, it still bothers him nonetheless.
- While the Zoroark gem isn't the source of Zack's power, it acts as a balancer. Without it, Zack cannot properly concentrate/use his ability.

- African/Latino heritage.
- Ambidextrous.
- He loves the Summer & Spring seasons and he enjoys Winter & Fall but to a lesser degree.
- Came to love tennis during high school, even joined it as a Sports Club.
- Of course, he was also part of the Cooking Club.
- Unironically enjoys the Twilight films but never read the books.
- If it isn't already obvious, Zack has a monstrous sweet tooth. 
- His mother sewed his clothes and he learned how to sew his own from her.
- Picked up juggling from middle school and can juggle up to five items. He's trying to go for six next!
- Learned to make ash with his fire move from an old friend, he uses it sometimes for his not-so-secret secret ingredient.
- Knows a little bit of Spanish thanks to his father. The very basic vocabulary.
- He really wants to teach a cooking class someday.
- Favorite color is blue.
- Sucker Punch was an Egg Move inherited from his father.
- Owns flashing alarms to let him know when food is ready.
- Named his Litten after his childhood friend who had a Litten totem.
- Is a cousin of Harvey Dee. Zackery refers to him as "uncle" due to the age difference.
- Supposedly a natural jouster.

Home Theme:…

Voice: Yuri Lowenthal

Heart Courtship Heart

 Heterosexual (Bi-Curious)

Bullet; Red Loves: Rice, Video Games, Comics, Waffles, Pecha Berries, Torchic & Ducklett Dishes, Lava Cookies, Handmade gifts

Bullet; Blue Likes: Cooking ingredients, Spicy Food, Confections, Comic Books, Milk, Clothing material, Mint Ice Cream

Bullet; Purple Dislikes: Sour food, Failed Dishes, Seafood, Raisins, Junk Ore

Bullet; Black Hates: Grapefruit, Lemons, Nomel Berries, Raw Fish, Almonds
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