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February 4, 2012
Suggester Said: " I love the colors and design to this. Also, I can't figure out why *Verraki isn't more popular, because her work is interesting and her characters are so appealing!" symbolic self-portrait by *Verraki
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symbolic self-portrait

what if i actually remembered to upload my drawings here

drawing ii final project. symbolic self-portrait with a minimum of three objects that tell something about you (you count as an object)
items used:
-navy jacket
-my cat
-compass necklace
(i got a 30/30!!!!)
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This is so awesome :)
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this is too bootiful for the world, you are very pretty<3 faving this
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This is absolutely gorgeous. :heart:
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Hi, my art class is doing symbolic self-portraits too. Along with the actual art, and the statement, I also need to analyze another artist's self-portrait that i like. Yours is my favourite, and I was wondering if I could use it for my project.

Much appreciated >.< (fancy words~)
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oh my gosh, wow!! i would be completely honored to have you analyze my portrait! i'd like if you could tell me what you say about it, if you're not too bashful to!
but yes if you need any information about media or myself to successfully analyze it, please don't hesitate to ask!
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Thanks you so much! and yeah I'll make sure to tell you about it :)
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(i wasnt kidding im actually really excited about this. did you end up analyzing it after all? ;v;)
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So sorry, it's done. I'm getting it back this week hopefully.
Although it may not be as awesome as what you may have thought. Considering it was actually for a class and stuff.
Anyways, I SHOULD be able to send it to you sometime this week
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nooo omg IT'LL BE AWESOME NO MATTER WHAT seriously i feel like a tiny celebrity, even if you think it's boring as hell i'll be rolling around gleefully like oh maaaaaan someone LIKED MY STUFF ENOUGH TO DO A REPORT ON IT. WOWIE ZOWIE
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Critical Analysis (info on artist and where it was found was put on a different page along with portrait):

In this symbolic self-portrait, there is a blonde girl wearing a green jacket and a compass necklace. She is looking to the left while wearing a frown. Behind her is an assorted array of cacti. A giant cactus flower surrounds her head. In her arms is a cute, black and white cat. The four main colours used are green, pastel pink, dark pink and brown. The focal colour is yellow, which is her hair. The colours connect the different parts of the piece. Along with colour, the other elements and principles of design used are: line, space, texture, unity and emphasis. These elements and principles work together in order to bring together the piece, put focus onto the girl and gives the appearance of spring. The light spring feeling contradicts with the dark emotions shown on her face. The messy -no offence- blonde hair and large eyes might represent the artist's actual physical characteristics. The shadows under her eyes would represent her lack of sleep most nights. The compass necklace could represent her love for maps -lol this is embarrassing- or how easily she gets lost (metaphorically or literally) The cacti around her represent her favourite plant or a prickly wall she puts up. And finally, the cat in her arms might represent her love for cats or mischief or might actually be a pet cat. My opinion, I like the piece. I find it cute, well thought out and I like the unity shown in the piece.
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Wow~ that was a lot. And it's really embarrassing. Keep in mind, that it's only a grade 10 project. ANYWAYS, i wanted to tell you I got 13 out of 15 on that. She wanted me to be more specific :P
Thanks so much
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Love the style and the colours. Nice piece!
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Nice work! We featured this on our blog: [link]
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love dat color scheme
love dat style
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Congrats on the DD! And I really like this piece. :D
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Excellent color choice; I especially love how you worked both red and green into the piece so they complement each other.
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Wow I love this! Love your style, it's amazing
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So cute! I love the sound of that project! And the piece looks amazing!
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