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I do a lot of quick and dirty cartoons that I post on Facebook and Twitter but for some reason I never post them here.  Usually reserved Deviant for more finished stuff but I think that's a mistake.  People seem to like them, they can be pretty funny.  I already posted a few of the Christmas themed ones but I'll start rolling out others soon, maybe eventually get the whole back catalogue posted here.  I'll try to get a few more up later today or tomorrow, keep your eyes open.
Have I ever mentioned my blog on here before?  Well I am now...I have a blog and I just added some character design/concept art from "The Case of the Midnight Murderer."  Check it out here:
Hey guys, I started a twice weekly webcomic called Cowman, based on a one off animated short I did a few years ago.  Check it all out at
Hello out there...I've been trying to upload a trailer for the animated film I've been working on but having all kinds of trouble with it.  So instead I thought I'd just post a link for it.  Check out the official website at… and you can also become a fan on facebook at…
Take a look!
Thanks guys!