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May 9, 2011
Quake 2 - Tank vs Marine by ~OuterKast

Check your corners, there just might be a Strogg hiding in that corner! The whole concept is creepy and yet the illustration is great! Please do look at the rest of his gallery! It is full of wonderful works!
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Quake 2 - Tank vs Marine

Fan art of Quake 2, digitally painted in SAI, worked on it on some days over the course of 2 weeks as I was busy with summer class and other things... Its kinda my own version of the Strogg tank and marine that I ended up doing. There's still some other details I could add, but for now...

I played Quake 2 quite a bit, mostly on the N64 version back in the days, so I just had to draw something related :-)
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Evatr0n's avatar
you really captured the fear of fighting a cyborg 3 times ones size.

good job
Half-dude's avatar
God that would be horrifying.
Soundwave04's avatar
Ah yes, the "thump, thump" of a Tank's footsteps was something I'll always remember about Quake 2!

Seeing this was another good reminder! :D
Sohanna's avatar
Haha. XD When I was little, I'd watch my dad play this sometimes. I called these guys Thumpers. Still do. Nice to know what they're actually called though. So nostalgic.
ScienceXFilms's avatar
A splendid masterpiece. Well done fellow deviant. :meditation:
You really captured the creepiness of the Tank in this pic! Given the background it looks like this was inspired by the Tanks roaming the hallways of the Torture Chambers section of Jail unit.
DeathKeys's avatar
He will need a bigger rifle...
DarylChin's avatar
thornekid's avatar
probably one of the best fanart i've seen. :D I loved Quake all the way!
StRaider2150's avatar
Oh man, those annoying bastards, hate their machine guns, the rest is easy, and now, i'll go back and re-install the game.
Codename-S-C-A-B's avatar
Very Nice,It reminds me when I was 5 "First FPS game",It gave me the creeps when I watched my brother playing it back then "that was embarrassing because he was making fun of me :pissed:"
Until Last year I tried playing it in Hard Mode "just to clear it off my list" and completed it "It didn't scare me this time":lol:
Metryq's avatar
I loved the weapons and power-ups in Quake 1 the best, but I had a lot of fun with Quake 2. Very nice painting!
tum-tum-tum..Stop. Wassap? Blue fields active...tum-tum-tum)))) The best situation ever!Cool art!
exocolumn's avatar
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work. Congratulations to the DD. :iconflowerheartplz:
southernob's avatar
It the very first FPS game I've ever played, sure one hell of fun, part of my good old lovely days
iAJK's avatar
Quake 2 is such an awesome game! This does it justice :nod:
Terraqueous87's avatar
Quake is awesome!
Ryojinorion's avatar
Ah.... Quake 2 is my favorite in the series! By far, the most fun, IMO. Second only to Doom and Doom 2 in my favorite id Software games!

But enough about that. This piece is excellent. Makes me want to go play through Q2 again. :p
Ryojinorion's avatar
Coincidentally, it also reminds me of the title screen of Wolfenstein 3D, which I also like. :p
blackrain8's avatar
Quite sure that was deliberate.
blackrain8's avatar
always been a fan of the old Quake and Unreal games, the new Quakes aren't exactly up to snuff, but the new UT's are just as good as the old ones...
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overseer's avatar
Very nice. I played this game for absolutely ever, especially when the additional multiplayer maps were released by id software back in the day. Yeah, good old coax network sessions. Nothing better than 6 geeks, pizza and coffee in a room that smells of rail gun!
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