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When I first saw this photo in In Style Magazine, I just HAD to vexel it! I love this photo of Katie Holmes! Her hair was fantastic! And I love her meek smile and her dress! So I made sure I ripped the pic out so I could scan it ^-^! lol. But i found an online version of it, thanks to the picture thread on ;)

I spent a total of 3 weeks on this. It would've been 2 if it didn't go loco on the hair O_O I counted every strand...yep...every...freakin...strand. And I have the total strands of some other layer totals. I didn't count the rest because I was too excited to upload this *.*! I'll revise my message tomorrow morning when I finish counting the layers.

I know there are some terrible flaws in this...and I wish I could've done better :( But...I think the rest of the pic makes it look better ^-^! I hope it does.

I had you guys waiting too long to see the final piece. And I apologize. But I hope this makes you feel better. I added some extra hair (lol) And I finished the dress. The Background was cool to do too. But there is a another version of it in my scraps ;P! Since a lot of people thought it was somewhat distracting, I decided to change it. Its a neutral gray, but I think it works better with her face...seeing the other one was just a couple of shades from her skin tone anyway lol.

Check out the other version w/ the crackle background here-
Crackle Background

Now I'm going to give my wrist a 2 week break XD ~!

Original Source- Original Photo of Katie Holmes - InStyle Magazine

Again...Please do not take my vexel version! Thank You! :D
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Amazing. Just amazing. 
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Great, awesome work!!
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The original photo of Katie is one of my favorites. She looks amazing in it. This is fantastic! You've captured the look and feel of the original while taking it to a whole new level.
Congratulations. All your effort paid off.
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Jesus!!! :jawdrop: How long did this take you??? This is mind blowing work!!
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verynice, if i can be the first man to comment in here
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lol, thank you very much :hugs:!
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please vote on me if you dont mind, ijoin corel competition [link]
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This is a FOUND HEART deviation! :heart:

~The Deuce Of Hearts
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Featured you in my journal [link] :heart:
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Thank You so Much! :hug:!

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:D ... AWESOME ... :D
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Woah, sick! I totally :heart: it!
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wow!! the hair is amazing! I wish i had the patience........
I love it!
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lol, if you ever a wrist brace before you start. Cause your wrist will begin to hurt after a while ^^;

And thank you! :heart:!
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