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Six Fanarts (Nintendo Version)

A trend on Twitter I figured to participate in.
Btw, I hope you Geno fans are happy. I had to sacrifice putting Rosalina in by default for your boy. lol
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Nov 27, 2021, 9:05:48 PM
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You did it once again Brandon

Geno... i miss you...

NeoNimbus526's avatar

Seeing these Nintendo characters in your style is quite amazing and awesome work overall. :aww: :happybounce: :)

Gentleman-Chimaera's avatar

Nice to see Din again!

MonsterFan50's avatar
Kertae's avatar

GENO!!!! 😃

No MC Ballyhoo, Sad

glowworm56's avatar

Kirby makes me happy!

Ivaalo's avatar

Din is stunning in that pose!

MrNintMan's avatar

AWESOME ^^ Great to see SAMUS here^^😁😁😁😁

Hey, some Oracle Of Seasons love! One of the best Zelda games!

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We need more geno

MrLuigi1991mesuper's avatar

I still don't understand why people love Geno :/

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For those who played the game he came from, his concept of a star envoy who has descended to Mario's world and possess a body a la Pinocchio who just happened to have ***guns*** seems/ed cool at the time and since he has been pretty much MIA along with the other beloved character Mallow for over two decades until his cameo in Smash Bros, fans just wishes to see him and Mallow back in the Mario verse even if it's just background characters instead of sitting in a closet to dust.

Though with the recent policy on original characters, it will be a tough if not impossible battle.

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Best Boy Mallow doesn't deserve to be forgotten. :<

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