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Outcast November 2021 Update

Again, thank you for your patience as I get the next chapters finished.

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GrayLantern13's avatar

Take your time man, can't rush art.

LoboTaker's avatar

Health should be always on the first place. Good you feel alright. And nice merch! :D

FlaminghotAces's avatar

Uhhhh~! Nice new merch! =D

Don't worry, Brandon- Most of us fans and readers are very patient. Good things always take time. And it'll be worth the wait.

NeoNimbus526's avatar

Now those are some nice apparels right there. :aww:

nikbeatz10's avatar

Take your time, can’t wait to see what happens next!

GrimoireDiabloWeiss5's avatar

If it’s one thing a lot of us can agree on is that you can’t rush perfection. Your comic erma is one of the best things that many of us comic readers have ever read and seen in our entire lives, something that most people these days can’t even possibly come up with. Go at your own pace that makes you most comfortable.

p.s. of all your works related to Erma, my favorite will always be “Punk Erma”, “Osamu true form”, “Sydney and the Rats”, “family Reunion” and the Yokai Village.

BlazingBarrager's avatar

Of course man. Don't destroy yourself for our sakes.

Myth-Searcher207's avatar

Take your time, man. We all need a break or two. Just go on your own pace. Just know that we appreciate all that you do.

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